Perfect kindness acts without thinking kindness

Perfect kindness acts without thinking kindness

Every day, we follow our routine, but sometimes we don’t take note of the things and people surrounding us. When you’re working, at the gym, or shopping at the supermarket, take a minute to look around you – maybe there’s someone needing something as simple as a smile.

When we do something for other people, we have to do it without thinking about what we can get in return or expect from the situation. We have to give the best of ourselves, with all our hearts.

“Perfect kindness acts without thinking kindness.” -Lao Tzu

It’s time we transform our lives by being more considerate and generous.
Remember, kindness can be random or planned, anticipated or spontaneous. Start now and be the inspiration for someone else out there. It will start a chain reaction that can make our world a better place to live.