Why Are You Experiencing Brain Fog?

During the menopause transition, hormone levels fluctuate as the body prepares to stop menstruation. Once menopause has happened, hormone production is consistent, but measurably lower. Although most people don’t associate estrogen with the central nervous system, this hormone plays an important role in cognition. The prefrontal cortex, or the short-term memory center of the brain, has many estrogen receptors; in addition, estrogen has a hand in regulating neurotransmitters.

Most women in this age bracket also tend to have high stress levels from work and home responsibilities, which contributes to brain fog. Other symptoms of menopause – like anxiety and hot flashes – can have an indirect effect on memory and concentration. Like brain fog, these symptoms are also linked to hormonal imbalance.

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How Macafem Can Help You Defog Your Brain

Macafem is a natural supplement rich in beneficial alkaloids and other nutrients. These healthy compounds nourish the endocrine system’s hormone-producing glands, which primes them to secrete the various hormones – like estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone – at adequate and balanced levels. Proper estrogen levels help to regulate cognition and neurotransmitters, as well as relieve other menopause symptoms.

To help dissipate brain fog, it’s also recommended to partake in activities that exercise the mind and reduce stress. Activities like reading, doing quick arithmetic, solving Sudoku puzzles, or playing a musical instrument can all help train the brain and increase concentration in the long run once Macafem has cleared the initial roadblock.

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Many women have overcome menopausal brain fog with the help of Macafem. Discover more about their experiences through these reviews:

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August 19, 2019

I have been taking Macafem for over 2 months. I was one of the lucky ones and noticed a difference with my hot flashes quite quickly. I still experience them but they are not near as intense or as frequent as they were. I was sleeping better in the beginning but am noticing a change in that now. Hopefully its a short term change. I cannot speak to weight loss as I have not improved my eating habits. I think it has also offered me a clearer mind. I can

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April 8, 2019

I stumbled across this product as I was searching for menopause remedies. I was not sleeping through the night and having several severe hot flashes throughout the day not to mention the mood swings/low energy/weight gain. I've only been taking this product for a couple of days and notice my surge in energy, my thoughts seem to be clearer and the hot flashes are not as severe. I am so looking forward to the impact it will have on my weight

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January 28, 2019

Oh my goodness, Macafem did exactly what I needed! I HIGHLY recommend this for finding relief from menopause symptoms. Menopause had hit me hard (I'm 51). The night sweats were happening several times throughout the night so I could not get quality sleep. Hot flashes several times a day where the sweat would drip off me, and my mental clarity/emotional well being was deteriorating fast. I searched and found Macafem and

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September 20, 2018

The Macafem has helped tremendously with hot flashes, brain fog, and mood swings. It seems to have stabilized my body chemistry. I notice I have more energy and feel less tired. I take in the morning as directed, and two tablets seems to be a great dose for my body. I told my ob-gyn about it and she's going to try it, as well! It's so much better than HRT, black cohosh, soy products, and many other products I tried out

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