Why Do You Have Breast Pain during Menopause?

Menopausal breast pain is typically cyclical in nature: it tends to recur and go away alongside the menstrual cycle. This is triggered by the sharp fluctuations in hormone levels that occur right before menstruation and are aggravated right before menopause: after ovulation, estrogen levels begin to dwindle and progesterone production rises, only to fall back again abruptly. This can cause breast tissue to become inflamed, retain fluids, and hurt.

In addition, these changes in hormone levels can cause fibrocystic breast disorder, a benign condition in which a myriad small lumps or “marbles” form inside the breast right after ovulation, only to disappear a few days later. These changes in texture can be alarming, especially if detected during a monthly self-exam. In order to ensure peace of mind, it’s important for women to schedule their recommended annual check-ups. Other symptoms of menopause, like fatigue and anxiety, may worsen breast pain as well.

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How Macafem Can Help You Relieve Breast Pain

Macafem is a supplement made from natural ingredients, which include many vitamins and minerals that are essential for overall bodily function, as well as some unique compounds that nourish hormone glands specifically. This powerful combination can restore the endocrine system back to full health, which helps the glands return to normal production of estrogen, progesterone, and other hormones. Once hormonal imbalances disappear, so do their related symptoms, like breast pain, fatigue, and hot flashes.

In addition, experts recommend keeping a low-fat diet high in vitamin E in order to further relieve persistent breast pain. Performing regular physical activity can also boost hormonal balance, especially low or moderate impact cardiovascular exercise: jogging, cycling, or swimming are frequently praised by doctors for their ability to increase overall well-being and provide a gentler menopausal transition.

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July 20, 2018

My name is Stephanie and I am 43 and because of Macafem I don't have any more bruises on my body. I was also having pain in different areas of my body including breast pain and Macafem relieves all the pain. Finding Macafem is a pray that was manifested for me. I thank God and founders of Macafem.

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Macafem has been amazing I am 66 years old with all the PMS and menopause symptoms and then some weak hot flashes breast tenderness sweating moody burning feeling weight gain bloating etc. After a week all gone it was a miracle I am now ordering my second bottle of 30 day and will buy forever

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Macafem is a great product that has helped eliminate night sweats and pain I was having in my breasts. I love the smell and taste of this product and let the flavor linger on my tongue before swallowing it is that tasty! Highly recommend this product!

August 18, 2017

I am 55 years old; 3 years ago I began taking Macafem because I was suffering with bloating, enlarged tender breasts and many hot flashes through the night (6 to 10) and during the day (10 to 20)....i was miserable! Then after just one week of taking three Macafem per day, my bloating and tender breast issues ceased. My hot flashes were cut in half. I have continued taking Macafem ever since but I now only take 2 pills

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