Why May You Feel Depressed during Menopause?

While the causes of depression are variable and multifaceted, the risk of experiencing it goes up during the menopause transition because of shifting hormone levels. In other words, the levels of estrogen and other sex hormones frequently move up and down, both during the menstrual cycle and especially during menopause. Estrogen plays a role in regulating mood via its effect on serotonin, a neurotransmitter that promotes good moods. Therefore, these hormonal changes can lead to depression symptoms.
Additional factors can also cause or contribute to depression; difficulty at work, children leaving home, and marital separation are other events that may coincide with menopause. The experience of other menopause symptoms, such as hot flashes and insomnia, is also a risk factor.

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How Macafem Helps with Depression Symptoms

Macafem touts a wide range of nutrients that especially benefit the hormone-producing glands, such as the pituitary. This prompts the glands to produce hormones – like estrogen and progesterone – at adequate levels, restoring the balance to the endocrine system that menopause had previously disrupted. This helps to uplift mood and dispel the related symptoms of depression.

As a complement to Macafem, it is recommended that those experiencing depression participate in cognitive behavioral therapy, also called talk therapy. Having a support network is a great tool in the fight against depression, and a menopause support group could be a good start before seeing a professional. Finally, it is best that those with severe depression speak with a medical practitioner in order to formulate a comprehensive treatment plan.

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Macafem Testimonial from Kristianne

May 3, 2018 5-Star

I was dealing with hot flashes, feelings of depression (wanting to cry at the drop of a hat), difficulty remembering, concentrating and creating a cohesive thought while having conversations. Within one to two weeks my worst systems had subsided. I feel normal mentally and emotionally and no more hot flashes. I am SO incredibly grateful to have found Macafem. It is a relief to be feeling "normal" and productive again.

June 2, 2023 5-Star

Found this years ago when going through major depression from menopause. Worked like a charm! Took it for 6 months or so & was fine afterwards, but recently started feeling overwhelmed again with life situations. Pulled out my old bottle with some left in it, & within 3 days of taking it, the cloud lifted! Amazing stuff, at least for me.

August 27, 2021 5-Star

Its really helped with my depression and mood swings i have been able to go longer without it but i think i need to keep a bottle or two on hand. With so much going on today i can feel that dark depressing feeling starting to creep up on me again..i just ordered a bottle!🙂 thank you so much for this product🙏❤

June 2, 2020 5-Star

I had a hysterectomy March 17th 2019 and I have not felt myself since. I just finished my first bottle of Macafem and I am starting to feel better. Im less tired, I have more energy, Im not depressed/ moody and I am enjoying my husbands company again. :) Thank you Macafem

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