Why Do You Get More Headaches during Menopause?

While headaches can be triggered by a myriad of factors – like stress, loud noises, strong odors, or certain foods – women are more susceptible to them because of hormonal changes. Specifically, low estrogen levels make headaches more likely to occur. That is why more than half of women who experience migraines have them just before their period, the point in the menstrual cycle when sex hormone levels are at their lowest. Likewise, fluctuating and declining hormone levels during the menopause transition can result in headaches.

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How Macafem Helps With Headaches and Migraines

Macafem is a natural supplement rich in not only vitamins and minerals, but also unique nutrients that benefit the hormone-producing glands and the whole endocrine system. Macafem helps them to produce hormones at balanced levels; this includes estrogen as well as other sex hormones in the female body, progesterone and testosterone. When estrogen levels are within the proper range, hormone headaches decrease or disappear altogether.

While Macafem takes effect, certain adjustments in daily routine are a good preventative measure. Reducing stress is key – this will depend on each woman’s needs, but widely-appreciated methods include yoga, reading a novel, and massage. In addition, regular exercise will encourage blood flow and relieve tension, helping to prevent headaches.

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Many women have reported on how Macafem works to alleviate their hormone headaches. Learn more by reading these customer testimonials:

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August 25, 2023 4-Star

I have tried many different supplements to help me with my menopause symptoms. I suffer from headaches and Macafem is the only thing that has done anything to relieve them. It's the one supplement I keep coming back to.

November 17, 2022 5-Star

Hi! I am a 59 years woman and I have been taking this product for almost 4 years. It helps me a lot to control my hormones. I suffer from migraines and this product has helped me with that too. It gives me energy and I feel pretty good when I take it.

September 19, 2022 5-Star

I am Perimenopausal and I experience hot flashes, headaches, joint pain and so on. I have taken Macafem for about a year and a half. I ran out about 2 weeks ago and just didn't reorder. Well the headaches, joint pain, hot flashes have returned that is when it hit me this stuff really works

December 24, 2021 5-Star

I am 52 years old and for 4 years I have suffered from perimenopause/PMS, it controlled my life; extreme nausea, very painful cramps, hot flashes, night sweats, insomnia, sore gums, canker sores, crashing fatigue, strange "electrical" shocks through my body, racing heart, 14 day periods, back to back periods, headaches, 2 trips to the ER, I was at the end of my rope! I only had maybe 7 good days a month. I have been

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