What Causes Irritability?

Several factors can spark irritability, which is common during menopause and PMS. Estrogen and other sex hormones have a complex effect on mood and the central nervous system. Estrogen influences serotonin, the main mood-regulating neurotransmitter, so changes in estrogen can subsequently impact mood. In addition, unbalanced testosterone levels can generate feelings of aggression.

While fluctuations in hormone levels are the main underlying cause of irritability, other PMS and menopause symptoms can also contribute. Hot flashes, headaches, and other ails can result in discomfort and ignite irritable feelings. Stress and hunger are also common precursors to irritability.

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How Macafem Calms Irritability

Macafem is a natural supplement rich in special nutrients. It nourishes the glands of the endocrine system, encouraging them to produce hormones at balanced levels. Whether levels of a certain hormone are too low, too high, or out of proportion with other hormones, Macafem can help correct the problem. In this way, Macafem helps cool tempers and regulate moods.

To accompany Macafem, stress relief techniques are recommended, as irritability often stems from stress. Yoga, for example, is a low-impact exercise that has a relaxing effect on both the mind and body. Rhythmic breathing exercises are also calming and can diffuse irritability in the heat of the moment. In addition, consuming a well-balanced diet with plenty of filling fiber can lift mood and help the body stay at its healthiest.

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Many satisfied customers have written to us about how Macafem works to relieve irritability. Learn from their experiences by browsing some of their reviews.

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Macafem reviews by customers

August 20, 2019

I’ve been using macafem for 5yrs. I do not experience the irritability like I did before and has also helped keep the hot flashes bareable

July 25, 2018

So ladies, I was having mood swings, hot flashes/flushes and was angrier than a mama bear being robbed of her cubs. When I wasn't angry I was depressed. My libido was very low if you know what I mean:). Even with all of this, I was not interested in doing synthetic hormones after doing the research. For me the benefits did not out weigh the risks. During my research, I stumbled upon Macafem. I read the reviews yet, I

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May 9, 2018

Macafem works! I tried the product because me menopause symptoms were driving me insane. I was getting hot, then cold throughout the night. I could not sleep, and I was irritable all the time. I could not remember anything. My brain felt like it was in a perpetual fog. But the first week I tried Macafem, I was incredibly surprised. I am now sleeping through night. I don't get the hot flashes anymore. I feel like myself again. Thank God for Macafem! I

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February 1, 2018

I've only been taking Macafem about a week and a half and my rage and anger feels not as bad. I am going to keep taking this for more results. I haven't smiled in a couple of years and I have noticed I am smiling again. I hope this is not all in my head. I need this to be real.

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