What Causes Joint Pain?

There are two main hormones involved in menopausal joint pain: estrogen and cortisol. Estrogen is strongly linked to joint and bone health because it helps calcium fix itself in place. In addition, estrogen levels also help control production of cortisol, a pro-inflammatory hormone that is meant to control the body’s responses to danger. When cortisol levels become too high, however, joint inflammation can become more common and injuries more prevalent.
In addition to fluctuations in hormone levels, there are other symptoms of menopause that can cause or worsen joint pain. Fatigue, sleep disorders, and muscle tension can all make joint pain more intense or lower a woman’s pain threshold and thus make it more severe.

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How Macafem Relieves Joint Pain

Macafem, a natural supplement, works thanks to its unique nutrient profile, nourishing the endocrine system from within and allowing each of its parts to resume normal hormonal production. Therefore, Macafem can correct different types of hormonal imbalance, whether they stem from estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, or cortisol levels. In this way, Macafem helps relieve both chronic and acute menopausal joint pain.
Alongside Macafem, it is recommended for women with menopausal joint pain to engage in low-impact physical activity and to try to lower their stress levels. Swimming, tai chi, and Pilates are all gentle enough on the joints, but provide a good workout for this critical time of life, and are also known to be relaxing, thus lowering cortisol levels and preventing further joint inflammation.

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January 27, 2019

This product has been a life saver! I was experiencing terrible joint pain and fatigue and the difference since I started taking Macafem has been dramatic. It provided almost immediate relief!

July 20, 2018

My name is Stephanie and I am 43 and because of Macafem I don't have any more bruises on my body. I was also having pain in different areas of my body including breast pain and Macafem relieves all the pain. Finding Macafem is a pray that was manifested for me. I thank God and founders of Macafem.

April 16, 2018

Oh my gosh! (Yes, I'm from Wisconsin!) In 2011, I came across this wonderful product while searching for relief for joint pain. Being 47 years old at the time, I began to also have heavy irregular monthly cycles...perimenopause. I gave this product a try. I also took it to my ob/gyn for approval. He approved and kept the pamphlet! I am now 53, and I have gone through menopause. This product has truly been a welcome

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April 16, 2018

After using Macafem for at least 2 years I have decided to have a break from it to observe my body and what it would do without it . Well, it has been been 5 weeks since I have stopped taking it and I found that do not sleep as well, my appetite is harder to to control, my libido is not the same. I also feel that it might have something to do with my menopausal joint aches - they are back again. Would someone be able

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