Why Does Menopause Cause Low Libido?

Libido and sexual enjoyment in women are sustained on both a physical and an emotional level. Physiologically, they are directly enabled by hormone levels and healthy reproductive function – in other words, any dip in estrogen and testosterone levels will immediately impact a woman’s sex drive, especially when it comes to initiating intercourse. Meanwhile, other physical symptoms of low estrogen, such as vaginal dryness, can also turn sex into an uncomfortable, downright painful experience.

On a psychological level, low libido is much more complex to address because it is closely linked to a woman’s self-esteem, present mood, and relationship with her partner. However, it is undeniable that menopause can also greatly impact the first two as a consequence of other symptoms like mood swings, weight gain, and anxiety.

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How Can Macafem Improve Your Libido?

Macafem can address all aspects of low libido that stem from hormonal deregulation, even if indirectly, thanks to its many unique nutrients that work directly with the endocrine system, nourishing its different glands and regulating the body’s own hormonal production. Once estrogen and testosterone levels are normalized, the physical aspects of libido will improve, and women will regain both sex drive and normal vaginal lubrication.

Furthermore, Macafem can also be a contributing element in solving some of the psychological factors of low libido, as regaining hormonal balance will greatly contribute to reversing weight gain and relieving anxiety and mood swings. Combining Macafem with a healthier lifestyle, cardiovascular activity, and relaxation-oriented therapies – such as meditation, yoga, or deep-breathing exercises – will further empower women to reconnect with their sexual side.

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Does Macafem work to improve low libido? Read these customer reviews to learn about the experiences of women who have tried Macafem:

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May 27, 2019

Initially, it took time for Macafem to work in my body. After about 3 weeks of taking it 3 x day, then I began to notice a decrease in the night sweats. People, it has recharged my sex life. My husband constantly affirms my vitality. Honey, I got to have! My plan is to continue to take Macafem the rest of my life. Chris, from Texas.

August 12, 2018

I've been using Macafem for the past 4 years and can happily say I've been slowly going through menopause w/o any extreme symptoms. I originally started w/ hot flashes, itchy skin and a low sex drive. All pretty much reversed or reduced after starting Macafem. Will continue until.... probably forever.

July 25, 2018

So ladies, I was having mood swings, hot flashes/flushes and was angrier than a mama bear being robbed of her cubs. When I wasn't angry I was depressed. My libido was very low if you know what I mean:). Even with all of this, I was not interested in doing synthetic hormones after doing the research. For me the benefits did not out weigh the risks. During my research, I stumbled upon Macafem. I read the reviews yet, I

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April 16, 2018

Oh my gosh! (Yes, I'm from Wisconsin!) In 2011, I came across this wonderful product while searching for relief for joint pain. Being 47 years old at the time, I began to also have heavy irregular monthly cycles...perimenopause. I gave this product a try. I also took it to my ob/gyn for approval. He approved and kept the pamphlet! I am now 53, and I have gone through menopause. This product has truly been a welcome

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