Why Are You More Likely to Have Sleep Problems during Menopause?

The hormones estrogen and progesterone – in addition to running the reproductive system – influence the sleep-wake cycle and circadian rhythms. During the menstrual cycle and menopause transition, these hormone levels drastically fluctuate. In turn, the regulation of the sleep cycle is impacted, making it harder to fall asleep, stay asleep, or wake up in the morning.

Additionally, other symptoms of menopause can contribute to the problem. Night sweats – intense bursts of heat and sweat – can keep a woman from sleeping or wake her up in the middle of the night, disrupting her sleep. Likewise, anxiety and negative thoughts can prevent restful sleep from occurring. These symptoms are also linked to the aforementioned changes in hormone levels.

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How Macafem Helps You Get a Good Night’s Rest

Macafem naturally restores hormonal balance within the body thanks to its unique nutritional composition. It provides nutrients to the glands of the endocrine system, helping them produce the different hormones at a balanced rate and in the correct ratios. This helps regulate not only sleep-wake cycles, but also treats the other symptoms that complicate sleep disorders, like anxiety and night sweats.

To complement Macafem, many women also practice relaxation techniques to reduce stress and cool down before bed. Taking a warm, aromatherapeutic bath or practicing mindful meditation can help relieve stress and insomnia. In addition, regular exercise can assist in balancing hormone levels and make the body feel more tired and ready for sleep come bedtime.

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Macafem Testimonial from Melanie

January 28, 2019 5-Star

Oh my goodness, Macafem did exactly what I needed! I HIGHLY recommend this for finding relief from menopause symptoms. Menopause had hit me hard (I'm 51). The night sweats were happening several times throughout the night so I could not get quality sleep. Hot flashes several times a day where the sweat would drip off me, and my mental clarity/emotional well being was deteriorating fast. I searched and found Macafem and

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Macafem Testimonial from Lisa

January 16, 2019 5-Star

I have been taking Macafem for 21days now. The first thing I have noticed is my energy level has much improved. By week 2 my anxiety is better and I’m sleeping more sound. Week 3 I feel like my memory is improving day by day. I just ordered my second bottle, and can’t wait to see how I’m gonna feel. Thank you for this amazing transformation Macafem!
Macafem Testimonial from Tiffany

December 1, 2017 5-Star

I was so amazed how fast this product worked I started using like a year ago. I been back in forth to the doctors and emergency room. I literally felt like I was having a nervous break down I couldn't sleep, wasn't eating , my menstrual cycle was thrown out of wack for some reason, my vision was hazy I keep getting uncontrollable chills and heart palpitations, my doctor wouldn't check my hormone levels unless I was

(... Read more)

Macafem Testimonial from Phyllis

November 23, 2017 5-Star

OMG I'm from Chicago Ladies and I have told every women that I know that is having problems with menopause about Macafem. I was so tired couldn't sleep, sore joints, mood swings, dryness you know where and them hot flashes that came like labor pains every 15 minutes on the minute. I was looking online and I came across Macafem website and I read everyone of the review. No one had nothing negative to say so I thought I

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