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Results are usually noticed within just one week of consumption. However, because Macafem is a dietary supplement that nourishes and stimulates the hormonal system naturally, two to three months may be needed to enjoy its full results.



Content: 100 tablets / 500mg

Supply: 1 month / 3 tablets per day


Macafem nourishes your endocrine system, helping the pituitary and your other hormonal glands function optimally. This is what makes Macafem unique – it helps the body produce its own hormones, relieving menopause symptoms and PMS, increasing libido, reversing fatigue, among others.


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Because we care about our customers and want them to be 100% satisfied with our product, we have chosen not to work with any third parties, so Macafem is not sold through any pharmacies or supermarkets like Walmart or Walgreens. We offer a high end product, and by buying directly from us, you’re sure to receive personalized service, direct assistance, and reliable information from our customer care team. Orders are processed promptly and securely, and your personal information will be handled confidentially.