3 Morning Tips to Help Macafem Fight your Menopause Symptoms

The transition into menopause is usually accompanied by a myriad different symptoms, and depending on your fitness status, genetics, and luck, they can be strong enough to unnecessarily burden you. If you’re already taking Macafem, you should probably see a brighter picture soon enough, but that doesn’t mean all work is done: there are many other minor adjustments that can help you repel those pesky menopause symptoms. Here’s three things you can do in the mornings to improve your entire day.

Fun Fact:

Performing a small ritual before every meal can make it taste better, as it tricks your brain into making it “special”.

3 Morning Tips to Help Macafem Fight your Menopause Symptoms

1. Plan for a Gentle Awakening

There is little gain on jumping out of bed too abruptly, as the brain and body wake up at different speeds. However, with a little bit of planning you can use the early mornings as your “mental health” time. Set your alarm 15 to 20 minutes before you really need to be out of bed, and use this extra time to wake up in a less abrupt manner.

Sit on the bed slowly, take three to four deep breaths, and begin slowly wiggling the tip of your toes. Proceed to move your ankles, and legs before moving upwards. Repeat this process with fingers and arms before leaving bed and doing some gentle stretches. Although it may seem that this routine is taking precious sleep time away, spending a few minutes warming up your muscles will actually lower your stress levels a great deal, and prevent muscle tension later in the day.

2. Open breakfast with lean protein

Recent marketing trends have filled the breakfast aisles with sugary cereals and nutrient-deficient bagels. Eating such a big amount of sugar first thing in the morning is not truly healthy for anyone, but especially for women going through menopause, as carb-loading will make you crash soon after and make you “menopausal muffin” bigger.

Instead, choose something fulfilling and savory and make your first bites protein-based. Scrambled egg whites or a piece of cheese will keep you energized, keep blood sugar steady, and even let you skip on the extra coffee. In turn, this will protect your bones and prevent hot flashes or irritable bouts. As a pro tip: replace the artificial juice with some lemon water when it’s time to take your morning Macafem.

3. Greet with a Kiss

Because of last-minute-rushes, it is very common for many families to greet each other in the mornings by simply waving from the other side of the kitchen. As practical as this may seem, it makes you skip on human contact that can make your day much more pleasurable – and healthier.

Neuroscientists have discovered how kissing and hugging can cause the body to release oxytocin in as little as 10 seconds. This neurotransmitter (brain hormone) is a “feel good” chemical that instantly lowers stress levels and soothes both heart rate and blood pressure. It also provides a great deal of protection against depression, anxiety disorder, and libido dysfunction. This makes that half minute holding your spouse every morning a worthy investment.

The many symptoms and discomforts brought by menopause need not become something to take over your day. As Macafem helps you rebalance your hormones, these simple adjustments will help you stay on top of your game. Who knows? You may even find yourself happier than you have in years.

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