How to Reach Your New Macafem Weight Loss Goal

Weight gain is one of the most common symptoms of menopause and other types of hormonal imbalance. Experts estimate that women transitioning into menopause gain on average 12 pounds, and even young women with polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) often report issues with “stubborn weight” they can’t lose easily.

Combining Macafem, extra physical activity, and wiser eating choices will make for a powerful and well-rounded weight loss strategy. Learn more about Macafem and weight loss and browse the following bonus tips for your quest!

How to Reach Your New Macafem Weight Loss Goal

1. Eat Better

A common saying among the fitness-conscious is that 80% of weight loss success lies on what you eat. These ideas will help you improve your nutritional choices easily:

Reduce your morning sugar.

Imbalanced estrogen and sugar-laden breakfasts will keep your energy levels crashing all day. Macafem is already helping out in that department, so this is a good time to:

  • Stop fearing eggs – they’ll keep you full for longer and don’t raise cholesterol
  • Replace the bottled juice with flavored water – just add cucumber, mint, or orange slices to sparkling water
  • Add chopped fruit to plain yogurt instead of buying the flavored version
  • Make your own granola mixes ahead of time to replace cereal


Follow the “red, orange, green” rule.

Make sure to fill 1/3 of your plate with something in any of these colors, but don’t get bored with standard lettuce and tomato:

  • Roasted bell peppers are full of vitamin A and C
  • Avocado is full of good fats and feels indulgent
  • Sautéed collard greens make for a great side dish
  • For dips, baked carrot sticks are healthier than chips
  • Berries work on savory salads and dessert toppings alike


Carry an emergency nut package.

Nuts are portable, low-carb, and full of omega-3 and polyunsaturated fatty acids. They’re much more fulfilling than crackers, will keep you away from the vending machine, and improve your cholesterol profile.

2. Exercise Smarter

If adding two full workouts every week to an already packed schedule seems too daunting, you can make the most of your time with a little bit of creativity.

Divide your workout into short bursts.

A full workout may be hard to squeeze into every evening, but shorter, 10-minutes-long bursts of movement are just as good.

  • A dynamic stretching or yoga routine makes for a less stressed out morning
  • Wake yourself up by taking the stairs at work
  • Skip the car when going shopping or heading for a quick lunch
  • If you take public transport, get off the bus a stop earlier and walk


Make sure one of these is all about muscles.

By regulating hormone levels, Macafem is already helping you protect your bones and prevent muscle wasting. To make it even better, make sure to always include some muscle training into your routine:

  • Small portable weights and elastic bands are a good start
  • If you’re up to the task, try some gentle calisthenics


Remember, muscle mass burns calories even while you aren’t exercising!

For many women who have spent years struggling with their weight, small steps may not seem like enough at first. However, this bonus tip can make all the difference: make sure your bedroom is truly dark at night. Recent studies have found that exposure to artificial light during sleep time – even just the LEDs from electronics – can make your body burn up to 15% less calories during the day. Thousands of women have already reversed their hormonal weight gain thanks to Macafem and healthier habits. Best of luck!