Clear Brain Fog: Join a Book Club and Try Macafem

Between work, family, and errands, it’s easy to get stuck in a rut with your daily routine. Too much routine, however, can easily become quite boring and summon lethargy and brain fog. These symptoms are already more common during menopause, and although Macafem can help keep brain fog away , it’ll be even more effective if you add some stimulating fun, easy, and social events to spice up your life. Look no further than joining a book club! Here’s five reasons why a book club may be the complement you need to keep brain fog away.


Book clubs in the U.S date all the way back to Benjamin Franklin, who formed the American literary society Junto in 1726.

macafem clear brain fog

1. It Keeps the Mind Active

A book club offers new material for the brain to process with each turn of the page, which keeps the brain sharp even after reading. Additionally, lively discussions with other club members provide conversations and debates that would otherwise never come up. It’s always a useful skill to be able to think on one’s feet.

2. It Improves Memory

To participate in said discussions, it’s important to read closely so that plot points as well as personal interpretations are fresh in the mind at meetings. This practice is great for improving memory retention and fighting against lapses that become more frequent with age. Ideally, the appointed books will be so enthralling that you’ll want to read closely anyway!

3. It Can Help You Sleep at Night

For those who suffer from sleep disorders, reading every night before bed may be the lifestyle change that provides relief. The exercise calms the mind and offers an escape from everyday distractions that often cause tossing and turning. It also keeps your eyes away from TV and computer screens, which signal the body to stay awake.

4. It Strengthens Social Bonds

Whether your book club consists of old friends or new acquaintances, a good social circle can do wonders for mental health. Especially for people with older children, who might be experiencing an “empty nest,” a book club is perfect for filling extra time that used to be spent on other things. If you form a club with people you already know, you might learn more about them than you ever thought possible from book discussions alone.

5. It Eases Anxiety

Reading is also a great stress reducer, as it focuses the mind on something outside of daily life. By helping individuals forget about their problems for a while, it calms irritability and can sometimes lend a new perspective to a situation in which they were previously blinded by sheer annoyance.

Reading is a hobby that’s portable, enjoyable, and healthy to boot – and if you share those benefits with others, all will be better for it. Check your local library or an online forum for information about book clubs in your area, and get inspired by the many women who have regained control of their health through Macafem.