4 Seasoning Herbs to Relieve Bloating Alongside Macafem

Many people experience bloating related to certain foods they eat, but during menopause, there’s more to the puzzle. Changes in hormone levels have an impact on the digestive system, and a woman is likely to experience more bloating or water retention than before. Therefore, it’s important to balance hormone levels in addition to avoiding trigger foods. The following herbs are all carminative, meaning they promote the release of excess gas and reduce bloating. Added to bloat-friendly meals, these herbs can help directly decrease bloating while Macafem is in the process of balancing the body’s hormone levels.

macafem 4 seasoning herbs to relieve bloating

1. Basil

Basil is a tasty herb used in pesto and other Mediterranean dishes, making it an important part of the healthy diet of that region. In addition to being a carminative, basil also serves as a mild diuretic, helping to rid the body of excess water that may have been retained. Basil has been traditionally used to treat bloating and other digestive complaints.

2. Rosemary

Another mainstay of Mediterranean cuisine, rosemary’s thin leaves are commonly used to season meat dishes. This herb is known to relieve bloating, stomach cramps, and indigestion. It can relax the smooth muscles of the intestines, helping trapped gas to pass through. Its compound rosmarinic acid also shows antioxidant activity.

3. Sage

Sage has classically been used to improve digestion because of its carminative and antibacterial effects. In terms of culinary use, these fuzzy leaves are often chopped and sprinkled atop a wide range of dishes, namely Mediterranean fare. As a bonus, this herb can also reduce sweating from menopausal hot flashes and night sweats.

4. Fennel

This herb has been utilized since ancient Greek and Roman times to relieve gas, bloating, and colic thanks to the antispasmodic anethole contained in its essential oil. In addition, anethole is a phytoestrogen, so consuming it can help raise estrogen levels if they’re low. Fennel is a staple seasoning in Indian and Middle-Eastern dishes, widely appreciated for its anise-like flavor. Nowadays, it is used in all parts of the world.

Besides avoiding legumes and other gas-producing foods, it is important to balance hormone levels to relieve bloating and other symptoms of menopause. Macafem works to help you do just that by nourishing the hormonal glands, so stop by the Macafem Store and, while you’re waiting for your shipment, try seasoning your meals with these to abdominal discomfort at bay.

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