Top Home Remedies to Relieve Breast Pain

Aching, throbbing, and sharpness – breast pain is a common ail during premenstrual syndrome (PMS), as well as during the menopause transition. Though typically not indicative of a greater problem, breast pain can be very uncomfortable and become an unwanted distraction throughout the day. While breast pain will go away on its own once Macafem restores your hormonal balance, it can be managed in the meantime with simple home remedies. The following are the most effective and easiest to implement.

top home remedies to relieve breast pain

1. Choose a Supportive Bra

Many women don’t give a second thought to their bra size – even though the breasts can change, especially with age – and wearing the same set of bras becomes a habit. An old bra may need to be adjusted or ditched for a different size. If it’s been a while, it could be helpful to get measured again. If a bra is too tight, it could dig into the skin painfully or put undue pressure on the breasts; likewise, a bra that is too loose could be unsupportive. This is often the first course of action in treating breast pain.

It is especially imperative to wear a sports bra during exercise or periods of physical activity. In most cases, a good sports bra will prevent breast pain caused or worsened by exercise. Some women also benefit from a soft support bra during sleep, as well as resting on their side or back instead of on their chest.

2. Hot and Cold Compresses

Using heat or ice on the chest is a practical method of relieving breast pain. Microwave or plug in a heating pad and apply it to the tender area for 15 minutes. Then, place an ice pack wrapped in cloth onto the sore spot for the same amount of time. Alternate and repeat as you see fit to calm to the pain, adjusting the duration of the application as necessary. Make sure not to fall asleep with an electric heating pad plugged in.

3. Relaxation Massage

High stress levels can contribute to breast pain and, in general, worsen the symptoms of PMS and menopause. Getting a massage – especially if it is with relaxing and aromatic lotion or essential oils – can melt away stress and reduce pain. The massage doesn’t have to be manual, either. Applying a massage pad to the trouble spot or letting kitty purr away on your chest are other possibilities.

The unique Macafem ingredients can balance hormone levels and treat breast pain at the source. While it’s taking effect, these home remedies can reduce the symptoms of breast pain on a daily basis and also relieve stress. Eating a low-fat, balanced diet and exercising regularly are long-term additions for treating and preventing breast pain.

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