Myths and Facts on Joint Health

Menopausal joint pain can be a result of many conditions, and is affected by age, genetics, and weight. Since its main trigger during this stage of life is hormonal imbalance, Macafem is a potent long-term solution for it, but immediate management can be trickier. Myths and facts about joint pain still abound.

Read below to find out the most commonly heard myths and the actual facts about them.

Quick Fact:

One in two people in the U.S. have suffered joint pain at some stage of their lives.

myths and facts on joint health

1. Myth: Heat Is Better for Joints Than Ice

The often stated fact that heat can relieve pain in your joints better than ice an often has people reaching for the hot compress before the icepack.

Fact: Ice Relieves Joint Pain as Well as Heat

In reality, ice can help ease joint pain just as well as heat can. However, heat and ice can be used at different times of the day to receive optimum benefit from them both. Applying heat to your joints in the mornings will relieve surrounding muscle pain, while applying ice at night can reduce swelling caused by activities undertaken throughout the day.

2. Myth: Exercise Makes Joint Pain Worse

Many sufferers of joint pain avoid doing any exercise because of the common myth that doing exercise will harm their already painful joints, therefore exacerbating the problem.

Fact: Exercise Can Actually Help Joint Pain

Exercise can actually ease the pain in your joints. Try to do exercises that are gentle on your joints, such as swimming or light stretching, to help loosen stiff joints. This should, in turn, help reduce the pain in them. Not only will exercise help this problem, but it will also encourage good overall health and help Macafem relieve joint pain and balance your menopausal symptoms.

3. Myth: Popping Your Knuckles Causes Arthritis

Everyone has heard the oft-quoted warning that popping your knuckles will lead to sore joints at best and arthritis at worst. It is considered a bad habit that most try to avoid in case it does actually damage the joints.

Fact: Knuckle Cracking Will Not Harm Your Joints

You can crack your knuckles as much as you wish, safe in the knowledge that it will not cause you to develop painful or unhealthy joints. The real cause for the sound you hear when you “crack” your knuckles is excess nitrogen gas, which is dissolved in a fluid that surrounds the joint, suddenly escaping from the fluid.

4. Myth: Cold Weather Worsens Joint Pain

The rumor still persists that chilly weather can “get to the bones” and cause your joints to twinge painfully.

Fact: Ambient Temperature Doesn’t Affect Joint Pain

This old wives’ tale is not supported by any scientific studies; in other words, there is no evidence to show that cold weather, dampness, and hot weather, or humidity affect joints or increase pain.

Joint pain can range from being annoying to negatively impacting everyday life. Whatever level of pain you suffer from, separating the myths from the facts can be an important element in coping with and improving the condition. Macafem balances hormone levels, has no side effects, and helps reduce menopausal joint pain alongside some minimal lifestyle changes.

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