Five Breathing Exercises To Banish Irritability With Macafem

Everyone who’s been the victim of abrupt irritability can attest to the discomfort it brings – particularly for women going through menopause, who are already dealing with a handful of nuisances. However, when these episodes become a routine, it’s time to do something about it. A simple lifestyle change, breathing exercises could be just what you need to lift your mood. Read on to discover a method that works for you.

5 breathing exercises to banish irritability with macafem

1. Belly Breathing

Normal breath cycles come from the chest. For these exercises, however, you should focus instead on letting your abdomen rise and fall, rising with an inhale through the nose and falling with an exhale. This practice is known to beat stress and anxiety, and it’s sometimes even used to help stave off panic attacks during their initial phases.

2. Counted Breathing

As the name suggests, counted breathing involves counting while breathing deeply. This method is often combined with belly breathing, but it can work with any breathing exercise to form a regular cycle that will relax the brain and help it drift back into calmness. Count the number of seconds spent inhaling, holding your breath, and exhaling. In addition to giving structure, deliberate counting also focuses the mind away from the intrusive thoughts that can turn irritability into a panic attack.

3. Even-Cycle Breathing

Perhaps the easiest to remember of the breathing exercises, even-cycle breathing fashions a comfortable rhythm around which to collect one’s thoughts. The length of each repetition is self-appointed, but each inhalation and exhalation should last the same amount of time. If the exercise induces dizziness, dial back the time. It’s recommended to do at least eight repetitions before bed, continuing until you fall asleep if possible.

4. Alternate Nostril Breathing

This calming exercise is often incorporated into yoga and meditation, and it is thought to stimulate oxygen flow to both sides of the brain, as the left nostril aerates the right side of the brain and vice versa. Close one nostril with your hand and inhale fully and slowly using the open airway. Exhale for the same amount of time, and then switch nostrils. Ten repetitions are ideal. Focus and concentration are essential to this technique, so practice is necessary to get the desired results.

5. Four-Seven-Eight Breathing

Also good for anxiety relief, four-seven-eight breathing refers to the specific amounts of time that practitioners should inhale, hold the breath, and exhale, respectively. When carried out twice a day, every day, it can release internal tension and even pacify food cravings. Four-seven-eight has been highly praised for its variety of health benefits and can relax a person into the slumber they need.
Thanks to these relaxing techniques, you can find meditative peace of mind to carry you stress-free throughout the day. Try each of them out to see which one works best for you, continue reading about Macafem and irritability, or read the following testimonials on how Macafem works.

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