Let Macafem Help: 3 Bonus Tips To Rekindle The Flame

Low libido during menopause is a delicate symptom to deal with – not only is it a difficult topic of conversation, but it is also open to misinterpretation by the main other person involved – that is, your partner.

It’s a good idea to plan some couple activities that will help the two of you rediscover the physical side of your relationship, while Macafem helps improve libido by restoring hormonal balance – and proper sexual function. The following three ideas can be a great starting point:

Let Macafem Help: 3 Bonus Tips To Rekindle The Flame

1. Host a Game Night

One of the best ways to remember why you love someone is to rediscover what makes you great allies. Invite one or two more couples for a pleasant indoor evening around a board game – it can be a classic Monopoly or Pictionary, a trivia game, or other ones. Either way, make sure to partner up with your spouse, have plenty of snacks ready, and work towards a new common goal – laughter.

2. Plan a Weekend Getaway – Without Leaving Town

Another excellent way to see your partner under a new light is to rediscover familiar sights as if it were the first time. Reserve a weekend to play tourist around your hometown, and you’ll get a chance to spend some time outdoors, pay attention to little details hiding in plain sight, and even meet new people who are just passing by your area. In addition to dusting off old routines, the two of you may even get the chance to finally explore that new ethnic restaurant or art gallery that had been on your pending list for a while.

3. Join a Couple’s Yoga Class

If emotional intimacy has been restored – or didn’t suffer much damage in the first place – but physical closeness is still proving difficult, it can be very helpful to schedule an activity that will bring you closer without much room for doubt. While most types of exercise, when turned into a date, can prove helpful, signing up for couple’s yoga can prove particularly effective. Yoga classes are well-known for providing a calm, relaxing atmosphere and for bringing about happy thoughts and a great deal of flexibility. At the same time, yoga is beginner-friendly. Helping each other out through the different poses will create the perfect mindset for physical intimacy!

These three activities are just a starting point to allow you and your partner the opportunity to escape routine and strengthen your relationship. Just like many other symptoms of this life stage, loss of libido during menopause usually needs to be tackled through more than one approach. Implement a healthy diet, take time off to lower stress, and keep a positive attitude to be able to reap the many benefits of Macafem as soon as possible!