4 Macafem-Friendly Anti-Dizziness Home Fixes

Dizziness and abrupt vertigo during menopause can get you literally holding onto a pillar at random points of the day. These disconcerting episodes may be most noticeable after standing up too fast or following a heavy meal, but at their deepest root, they stem from hormonal imbalance – estrogen fluctuations are the main factor that needs fixing, and Macafem helps with dizziness by balancing hormones during the coming weeks.

However, if dizziness is severe and your nausea bouts frequent enough, you’ll most likely need these safety harnesses to get you back on your feet in the meantime. These are all cheap, easy-to-implement home remedies:

4 macafem friendly anti dizziness home fixes

1. Ginger

Ginger is now mostly associated with Chinese foods, spicy meals, or restorative chicken broths, but this tangy Indian root hides many medicinal benefits, from anti-inflammatory to antioxidant. The best-supported one, however, is its anti-histaminic ability: it blocks the enzyme that directly sets off the symptoms of dizziness. Many use ginger supplements before a long car or boat ride, but for day-to-day prevention, you may just need to add a piece of ginger root to your tea.

2. A Cool Down Routine

If you’ve already identified the times of the day at which dizziness is most likely to strike – like half an hour after lunch or following the dreaded hot flashes – then it can be of great use to take a minute or two to prevent it or minimize it. A glass of chilled water and some simple deep-breathing exercises (that is, deep breaths, of five to eight seconds each, that go all the way to you navel instead of your chest) can prevent an embarrassing situation later on.

To help you evaluate if you’re deep breathing properly, the golden rule is to place your right hand on your stomach and your left one in your lower ribs. You should feel your right hand going up as you exhale, not the left one.

3. Apple Cider Syrup

Mix two teaspoons of honey and two teaspoons of apple cider vinegar in a tall glass of warm water and drink it first thing in the morning, and if needed, after every large meal. This old folk remedy remains surprisingly effective, although the exact reasons are unclear – some speculate that the unusual flavor combo and the sugar from the honey are the ones doing the work.

4. The Deadly Stare

This is a last resort strategy that can nonetheless keep you grounded once vertigo has attacked with full-blown strength. Choose a large, neutral-colored object (bright colors may make it worse) around you and use it as an “anchor point”. Stare deeply at this object for at least 15 seconds, and then blink a few times. Repeat if needed; in most cases, the vertigo will be gone after repeating this or two or three times.

These simple home remedies can do the trick for the time being, but in order to reap the maximum amount of benefits from Macafem, it’s important to aim for an overall healthier lifestyle. Try including more lean protein and fresh veggies in your diet – combine this with extra physical activity, and you should see most symptoms of hormonal imbalance receding quickly. Also, learn more about the different Macafem ingredients and how they can help you be healthier and happier.

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