Maintaining Your Weight Throughout the Holidays: Tips & Tricks

The holidays are the perfect occasion to cut yourself some slack and indulge in the magic, especially if you’re good at keeping up with healthy habits throughout the year. However, knowing that weight struggles during menopause are real, some women may be looking for ways to avoid holiday overindulging. Here are our top 6 tips and tricks for preventing gaining weight during the holidays and starting the New Year feeling in power.

Maintaining Your Weight Throughout the Holidays: Tips & Tricks

Keep Track of the Calorie Balance

Calorie balance is when the calories we consume equal the calories we burn through physical activity and body functions. It’s what’s needed to maintain a stable weight. While you don’t necessarily have to start counting calories over the holidays, just keep this concept in mind. If you know you’ll splurge at a dinner out, balance it out with a lighter breakfast and lunch. Throw in a nice workout, you’ll enjoy your time out with more peace.

Be Picky About What You Indulge On

Nutritionally, there’s a huge difference between a highly processed, sugar-loaded chocolate bar you buy at the store and a homemade, dark chocolate bar with nuts and dried fruits. Both will satisfy your swee­t cravings, but only the latter will also fill your body with the good stuff. Homemade desserts (and other meals) are a great option for keeping your weight in check. You get to control what goes in, so there are plenty of ways to make smart substitutions.

Watch Your Portion Sizes

Holidays buffets are perhaps the easiest way to lose track of how much we eat during a holiday party. To prevent overeating, place foods on your plate strategically. Start by filling most of it with high protein foods (like meat, fish, tofu, or eggs) and a colorful array of vegetables. Then add the carbs and other foods that you crave until your plate is full. If your meal was well balanced, resist the urge to go for seconds or thirds.

Be Selective with Holiday Drinks

For many, the holidays are all about unwinding with a glass of eggnog, cider, or hot chocolate. But if these beverages are a daily indulgence, they can quickly contribute to weight gain. Since many festive drinks contain high amounts of sugar, enjoy them sparingly. Go for water, and if you crave an occasional alcoholic cocktail, choose those made with alcohols with no added sugar, like whiskey, rum, or vodka.

Focus on Other Ways to Celebrate

Oftentimes, people feel like all they do during the holidays is sit and eat. It’s recipe for weight gain. While it’s true that food is an essential part of celebrating the season and keeping the culture alive, it’s not the only way. Take the pressure off your diet and truly dive in the magic. Weather permitting, get up from the table and get out of the house. Go out for snowy walks, grab a movie with friends, or join the festivities at your town center.

Help Your Body Deal with Hormonal Changes

Many women going through menopause complain that no matter how mindful they are of their eating habits, the pounds just keep piling up. Give your body some extra support, and pair your wholesome practices with Macafem. Being a natural supplement, Macafem supports natural production of hormones in the body, which is key for maintaining healthy metabolism and a normal weight. It may also help relieve other uncomfortable symptoms, like hot flashes, allowing you to focus on what’s important during the holidays.

Setting up your own ground rules before the holidays can be really helpful. It will allow you to have more control over your eating habits as well as be more playful with your indulgences. And if occasional slips happen, don’t be too harsh on yourself. The holiday season is a special time to be extra kind, and that includes to oneself, too.

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