How Menopause Affects Weight

One of the most dreaded perimenopause symptoms is weight gain, and many women in this stage see their midsection go from a “pear” shape to an “apple” shape. The fact that about 30% of women in their fifties are overweight is no coincidence; hormonal changes play a role in weight gain during perimenopause.

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How Hormonal Changes Affect Weight

During perimenopause, the body’s levels of estrogen and other sex hormones fluctuate and decline as menstruation gradually draws to a close. Estrogen and testosterone are in part responsible for how fat is distributed throughout the body, so when there are not enough of these hormones to properly regulate fat distribution, women may see a change in body shape and weight as a result.

Estrogen also plays in a role in regulating muscle mass. Women in perimenopause also see a decrease in muscle mass because of hormonal fluctuations and natural aging.

Tips for Countering Weight Gain

While hormonal changes can precipitate weight gain, they usually aren’t the only contributing factor. Therefore, several approaches can be combined to maintain a healthy weight.


Both aerobics and strength-training exercises are important, as aerobics burns calories and strength-training builds muscle mass. However, because of the natural decrease in muscle mass with age, it is harder to burn calories through physical activity.  That’s why combining regular exercise with other approaches tends to be more effective.

Changes in diet

Calorie intake is just as important as burning calories. Due to changes in fat and muscle mass enacted by hormonal fluctuations, a woman’s body needs fewer calories during perimenopause than earlier in her life. Therefore, managing portion size is a priority when modifying one’s diet. Though exact diet plans for weight loss will vary from woman to woman, some generally healthy changes include replacing refined grains with wholegrain foods and decreasing consumption of foods rich in saturated fats.

Balancing hormone levels with Macafem

Having balanced hormone levels can make it easier to lose weight and keep the pounds off. That’s where Macafem fits into the weight loss puzzle. This natural supplement balances hormone levels by nourishing women’s endocrine glands, which in turn supports the production of hormones at balanced levels. Check out more about this supplement with these Macafem reviews from women who have lost weight with Macafem.

Just because the “middle-age spread” is common does not mean that it’s inevitable. While hormonal fluctuations are a natural part of perimenopause, it’s within your reach to reverse the changes in weight they bring, and Macafem is a great tool in this endeavor.

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