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October 16, 2009

Hot Flashes

Great! I sent this e-mail to all of my girlfriends just yesterday. MANY of them are very excited about getting off of prescription HRT and trying it!.
I had been having hot flashes almost constantly (or so it seemed) for quite a while. It was wearing me out! So, I heard about a product on the radio that was the cure all of all cure alls, and I ordered it. It is called Amberen. Took it and it did NOTHING. So I started doing some more research on the internet and learned about this herbal supplement called Macafem. I figured, what the hey, I’ll give it a shot. It says to take 3 tablets a day with meals. I figured I would not stop 3 times a day to take it, so I just decided to take 2 tablets in the morning to see what happened (I mean, why be smart and follow the directions – duh! ha!). Well, I’m here to testify that my hot flashes have totally disappeared and I got results within a day or two…no kidding. I started taking this stuff on October 17th, and I don’t even remember when I had my last flash!.
If its voice starts to get higher, I let you know! Ha! GREAT PRODUCT!.

August 6, 2009

Mood Swings

I began taking Macafem in April of 2008 when I was 49 years old. My mood swings were out of control and because I have a 4 year old who doesn’t understand why mommy is upset all of the time, I needed to take action. I ordered the product and started taking three tablets a day. I noticed a difference within a couple of weeks. (.)
I have recommended this product to many of my other friends who are skeptics. They haven’t taken the plunge, but if you’re reading this and wondering whether it works, the short answer is YES!.

June 11, 2009


I suffered for so long with the extreme fatigue. Work was a problem because I was so exhausted I would begin to fall asleep. I have nodded off while driving nearly wrecking my care. 8 days into the supplement and it was better. Now I am near the end of my first bottle and I feel clear headed and alert for the first time in years. I tried everything; Macafem works.
I never want anyone to feel the way I felt. I would be happy to have you use my email for testimonials. If I can convince anyone to just try Macafem and they experience even a small measure of what I have gotten from using Macafem; it will be worth it.
Thank you for this product.

October 21, 2008

Anxiety, Brain Fog, Mood Swings, Sleep Disorders

I’m quite a cynical person and when I read the sort of thing I am about to write I always feel a bit suspicious. However, I’ve been taking Macafem for just over three weeks and it has made me feel so much better. Prior to this I would feel a bit disoriented and muddled sometimes, couldn’t sleep very well and found I was feeling generally rather low.
I take four a day as that seems to suit me just fine and I’m delighted with the effects they appear to be having. I’m not feeling anxious about silly things, I can sleep better and my mood seems to have stabilized. In short I feel like I did about 20 years ago.

July 8, 2008

Depression, Energy Levels, Hot Flashes, Loss of Libido, Night Sweats

I would just like to say that Macafem has saved my life. For past 12 months I have been experiencing all the menopause symptoms, hot flushes (sometimes up to 30-40 a day) night sweats, depression you name it I had. I have tried every natural product that is available, and none of them have worked. My doctor was going to put me on HRT because my symptoms were so bad. While doing some research on the internet, I came across Macafem. Reading all the information I decided “Why not, I’ve tried everything else, so why not give this a go”. Well! I’m into my third week of using Macafem. I just cannot believe the difference. I have no hot flushes, no night sweats, my mood is fantastic I have so much energy that my partner is having trouble keeping up with me (if you know what I mean????) (.) My doctor cannot believe the change in me. So once again “THANK YOU SO MUCH” for a fantastic product…

May 4, 2008

Anxiety, Brain Fog, Energy Levels, Hot Flashes, Loss of Libido, Night Sweats, Sleep Disorders

I am 56 and thought I was getting through menopause pretty well with just mild hot flashes and some restless nights but suddenly the hot flashes started to get worse, my sex drive nose-dived down to nothing and I started experiencing severe nervous anxiety similar to panic attacks while at work to where I had to leave work in the middle of the day to go home and try to calm down. (.) I ordered it and the first week I felt slightly better but I was still having symptoms. By the second week, I was feeling better still but decided to increase it to 3 tablets twice a day. I am on week 3 and all my symptoms have subsided COMPLETELY and I feel fantastic! This product REALLY works. My hot flashes are completely gone. My anxiety symptoms are gone and I feel very calm and clear minded. I have lots more energy and I am sleeping great through the night without night sweats and that awful 3 am waking and restlessness.

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