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February 18, 2021 5-Star

Hot Flashes, Night Sweats

I started using Macafem a year ago when my menopause symptoms became acute with many debilitating hot flushes both day and night. It took about 20 days of taking Macafem for the symptoms to ease and now they are under control. I do occasionally have a hot flush but very few. I really recommend you to anyone who has these menopause symptoms.
I am so pleased I took a chance on trying this product as nothing I had tried had worked before.

January 26, 2021 4-Star

Hot Flashes

Macafem has minimized my hot flashes to brief (1 minute or just a few seconds) episodes without breaking out in a sweat on my face or anywhere else.

I have been taking six of them per day for several years now and hope to taper off soon, but am glad to have a safe remedy that works for me.

January 13, 2021 5-Star

Night Sweats

I’ve been using Macafem for the past 5 years, and throughout that period of time, I’ve experienced a total of 5 night sweats, which equals about 1 night sweat per year. Before Macafem, I used to experience night sweats several times every month. Macafem has been a true blessing for me.

December 15, 2020 5-Star

My menopause symptoms have been drastically reduced since I began taking Macafem years ago. Such a blessing!

December 12, 2020 5-Star

Truly an amazing product. I have been taking this for approximately a year. I would highly recommend it.

December 1, 2020 5-Star

Hot Flashes

I’ve tried others but no luck until I tried macafem it works great for me, I take 3 pills a day, tried to go down to 2 pills but I started getting hot flashes, so went back to 3 pills a day and works great for me no more hot flashes

December 1, 2020 5-Star

Hot Flashes, Mood Swings

I have not experienced any symptoms like restless legs, hot flashes and mood swings since I have been taking macafem, I will never switch to anything else.

November 20, 2020 5-Star

Sleep Disorders

Worked for Severe Insomnia.
I am a 73 yr old female and have battled with menopausal and post menopausal symptoms. The worst was severe insomnia which I suffered from for the last 25 years. I didn’t think Macafem would help but, in desperation, I also gave this one a try. I did sleep somewhat better after 1 day, better the next and much better every day after that. Before, I had to go the bathroom every 1-2 hours every night. Now, I only need to go once or twice. I fall asleep almost immediately, even after I got up going to the bathroom. My sleep is deeper and I feel much more refreshed in the morning. This is for most of the time but not always. I still have some bad nights but nothing in comparison to before I took Macafem. I have also purchased Maca root powder from the internet. I have tested it to see if the Maca powder by itself would do the trick, but it didn’t. So, I have been ordering a 3 month supply today. I don’t ever want to go back to the insomnia nightmare from before. Hope this helps.

November 9, 2020 5-Star

Energy Levels, Hot Flashes, Sleep Disorders, Weight Gain

These tablets are great! I have no hot flushes during the day anymore, and just one minor one at night now. I sleep much better. Hardly any PMS pain, and no additional weight gain. I have more energy than before. I have now finished my 3 months original supply and just ordered another 5 bottles.

October 26, 2020 5-Star

Hot Flashes, Sleep Disorders

I recommend Macafem as a natural way to aid the bodies hormonal balance. I tried it for a month and I noticed a significant change within the first week….hot flashes and sleeping issues reduced and my general mood is more NORMAL. I am ordering a 3 month supply! Thank you Macafem.

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