5 Best Summer Activities during Menopause

It’s getting hot; beach season is on, and friends are talking vacation plans (COVID-permitting). You, on the other hand, may be fighting hot flash attacks, dealing with newly gained pounds, or just not feeling in the mood for summer. The good news is that there are plenty of ways to enjoy the sunshine with menopause symptoms. So, dive right in and check out our 5 best summer activities during menopause!

5 Best Summer Activities during Menopause


Swimming is arguably the best activity for menopause, especially in the summer. The cool water can keep your body feeling refreshed, while you still get your daily aerobic workout. Swimming is also light on joints, which might be achy during the transition.

If you’re not up for it, you don’t have to deal with crowded beaches. Instead, try to chill out by some secluded lake or by your friend’s pool. If you’re a bit self-conscious about your new bodily changes, go for breathable, light-colored tunic tops or cover ups. Even a loose scarf around your hips can do the trick.


Biking is another great option for staying active in the summer during menopause. It is a low-impact cardio workout that helps strengthen the heart, improve lung capacity, and manage menopausal weight gain. On top of that, it’s highly enjoyable, which can help you curb those lingering mood swings.

To keep it fun and varied, invite your friends to come along, and reward your effort by enjoying some fruity sorbets all together. Loading a picnic basket filled with yummy foods and taking a bike trip to some scenic location is also a worthwhile endeavor.


Yoga is by many considered a wonderous cure for all kinds of physical and emotional ailments, and for good reason. Studies have confirmed its numerous benefits, including tackling menopausal insomnia, calming anxious thoughts, boosting sexual function, and improving mood.

The beauty of doing yoga is that it can be totally customized to how you feel that given day. If you want to catch some sunrays, grab your mat and head off to the park. If you need company, book an outdoor yoga class. And on gloomy days, take it slow and ease into your yoga poses in the comfort of your own home.


Hiking is another beneficial summer activity during menopause. This weight-bearing exercise helps improve balance, regulate blood pressure, and increase bone density. If done in picturesque locations, going for a hike can also have positive effects on emotional health.

But if you haven’t been much of a hiker, it may take some getting used to since it’s typically done in the mountainous regions. Make sure you get yourself well-supported hiking footwear and a portable water bottle. To prevent overheating from the midday sun, try taking morning or afternoon hikes.


If you want to give your body and mind a fun workout, then dance away! Improved heart health, flexibility, and a mood boost are only some of the benefits of dancing. On top of that, it can also make you feel feminine and sexy, which may be wonderful foreplay to some late-night intimacy.

Whether it is a romantic evening with your partner or a fun girls’ night out, dancing can help distract your mind from everyday worries. It is also a nice occasion to dress to impress, enjoy yourself with a glass of red wine, and just let go.


Dealing with new menopause symptoms, you might be tempted to stay indoors this summer. But don’t write off the gorgeous weather yet! Give some of these summer activities a try and conquer this sunshine season with comfort, confidence, and joy. For optimal relief from symptoms, check out the benefits of Macafem and see if it can be a part of your menopause journey.

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