7 Alternative Ways to Tackle Menopause Symptoms

Menopausal women are often in a pickle when it comes to choosing the right treatment for their symptoms. The scare of HRT’s health risks pushes them away from pharmacology, while lack of scientifically-backed natural options leaves them empty-handed. But get ready for a treat! We have dug through scientific publications and found seven evidence-based, alternatives ways to tackle your menopause symptoms!

7 alternative ways to tackle menopause symptoms

Massage Therapy

While getting a massage may seem more luxurious than therapeutic, it’s worth considering. Researchers from the Spanish University of Valencia put a group of menopausal women through weekly craniofacial massage sessions. After three weeks, women reported improvements in their emotional symptoms and quality of life.

Foot Reflexology

Another natural idea for battling emotional symptoms of menopause is foot reflexology. In a 2019 clinical trial, 90 menopausal women with depression were treated with bi-weekly foot reflexology for six weeks. Researchers noted a substantial drop in depression scores, benefits that persisted long after the study ended.


Meditation has become common-day practice, no longer reserved for Buddhist monks. If you haven’t given it a try yet, let this be your motivation. After eight weeks of daily meditation, middle-aged women with insomnia saw a 61% improvement in sleep quality, in addition to reductions in other symptoms’ severity.


Hailing from ancient China, acupuncture has been tested by modern science in a number of clinical trials. This particular research study was done on over 200 menopausal women, who received acupuncture treatments for six months. Their vasomotor symptoms – like hot flashes and night sweats – decreased by almost 40%.


One of the oldest herbal therapies, aromatherapy can greatly benefit women during the menopausal transition. A month of daily inhalations with lavender essential oil resulted in a substantial decrease in depression and anxiety scores in postmenopausal women. Plus, massage therapy done alongside aromatherapy is even more effective for relieving menopause ailments than massage alone.

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

While CBT is most commonly used for emotional difficulties, it has shown to improve other menopause discomforts as well. In a 12-week trial, women who underwent weekly CBT sessions showed great improvements in the severity of their vasomotor, sleep, sexual, and depressive symptoms.


Last but not least on our list of alternative ways to tackle menopause symptoms is Macafem. The main ingredient of this all-natural supplement has been shown in a 2019 Japanese trial to naturally improve estrogen levels in menopausal women, bringing relief from some of the most notorious symptoms, such as insomnia.


As you can see, you’re not stuck with pharmacology anymore. Modern research has shed light on these easy, quick, and effective alternative approaches to dealing with menopause symptoms, helping you take care of your health in the safest and most optimal way.

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