Stress-Free Menopause Holiday Guide

There is no denying that holidays can be pretty stressful, despite their natural charm and beauty. This is especially true for women going through menopause, whose symptoms make them feel like they’re living in someone else’s body. Luckily, our 7-step holiday guide will help you keep everything under control, entertain your guests completely stress-free, and enjoy this season feeling as if menopausal discomforts never existed.

macafem stress free menopause holiday guide

1. Meal Prep Ahead

Cooking and baking are some of the most time-consuming holiday chores. What makes them even more challenging for menopause women is the constant heat in the kitchen. To lend yourself a helping hand, browse through cookbooks or the internet for delicious make-ahead holiday meals that will save you time and energy.

If you’re not feeling up for all that festive cooking and baking, there’s nothing wrong with ordering food from your favorite restaurant and spending that saved time on enjoying the holiday spirit.

2. Choose the Right Outfit

There is arguably nothing worse during a holiday dinner than being swallowed in a hot flash while wearing a tight, synthetic outfit. Instead, glam up with natural fabrics, like cotton or linen, and easily-removable layers. They will help you feel fresh and keep your cool, while still impressing your guests.

If you’re spending the holidays at your friends or family, keep a cosmetic pouch in your purse with your menopause essentials, like wet wipes or a small deodorant to refresh yourself after a hot flash attack.

3. Buy Gifts Online

No matter how much you want to treat your loved ones to personalized gifts, visiting shopping malls may not be your thing during menopause. Leave the crowds, chaos, and stress behind, and buy your gifts online. There are countless online stores that go out of their way to take the hassle out of holiday shopping.

As a bonus, avoiding crowds and buying online may be a safer idea in this COVID-era we’re living through. You may also support small, local businesses or artists by taking your holiday shopping to their stores.

4. Avoid Food Triggers

Though it may seem as if overeating was an inevitable part of holidays, menopausal women are encouraged to celebrate with caution, especially when it comes to trigger foods. To prevent sudden hot flashes at a dinner table, stray away from spicy foods, caffeine, alcohol, and other triggers you have identified.

Also, to indulge yourself in a healthy way and keep the pounds off, go for lighter versions of classic recipes. Substituting processed sugar with honey or stevia and saturated fats with healthier choices may do the trick.

5. Ask for Help

Maybe you are known for always having everything under control or for throwing parties to remember. But it’s absolutely okay to ask for help. Whether it’s with cooking, house cleaning, or shopping, don’t be afraid to reach out and share your difficulties with others. It doesn’t make you less perfect. It makes you more human.

If you haven’t already, you may also suggest to your friends and family members to do a holiday potluck and take the burden off your shoulders. It would help everyone contribute to the holiday spirit in a yummy way.

6. Celebrate with Supportive People

While it’s not always possible to escape certain commitments, holidays are the time to surround yourself with people who love, understand, and support you. Don’t hesitate to communicate your needs clearly and politely so that you create a safe and comfortable environment that doesn’t put more pressure on you.

If you’re struggling with menopause depression or mood swings, kindly postponing a few get-togethers until the New Year will prevent putting more stress on your plate.

7. Lean on Macafem

Even with the dinner menu ready and the gifts already packed, you may still feel lousy due to your symptoms. It’s because the best way to stay stress-free during holidays is by nurturing your body from within. And there’s no better way to achieve that than with Macafem.

Being a 100% natural supplement that contains hormone-balancing compounds, Macafem works on the level of the endocrine glands. By gently nourishing them, it helps improve their hormone production, bringing an end to pesky symptoms that would otherwise plague your holidays.


With all their charm and sparkliness, holidays do require some planning ahead, especially if you’re going through menopause. So, put our recommendations into action today and lean on Macafem so that you can enjoy the upcoming festivities and embrace the changes in your life feeling like yourself again.

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