Menopause Awareness Month – Take a Chance on Yourself!

Menopause Awareness Month is all about you. It’s about offering you the resources you need to make the best decisions. It’s about reminding you that you’re much more than the aches you struggle with. It’s about lending you a helping hand as you find your path through the transition. So, take a chance on yourself today and let us show you how to give your body, emotions, mind, and spirit some well-deserved pampering.

menopause awareness month take a chance on yourself

Give Your Body a Break

Without a doubt, women’s bodies take on the majority of the menopausal punches. They get bombarded with sudden hot flashes in the day, woken up by sweats at night, restricted by vaginal dryness during intimacy, and stopped in their tracks by osteoporosis. These physical ailments can make it hard to go through your days.

Luckily, there is a bunch of natural options for easing bothersome symptoms, while strengthening your body along the way. Eating nutritious foods and changing up your exercise routine is a great start. On top of that, taking Macafem can not only balance your hormones, but also boost your energy and reduce other symptoms.

Balance Your Emotions

Women’s emotional health is often another battlefield of the menopausal transition, with sudden mood swings ruling their days, unexplainable fury exploding from within, or depressive sadness creeping in. Those emotional ups and downs can easily make you feel like you’re not being yourself during menopause.

Try to balance your emotions through daily self-reflection, by nourishing your bonds with people who bring you peace, or focusing on being grateful. But if you feel that your emotions get the best of you, consider getting a little more professional help (like cognitive-behavioral therapy) to see if it helps you regain your calm.

Stimulate Your Mind

During menopause, you may feel your mind is not as sharp as it used to be. You may catch yourself forgetting the little things, taking longer to remember something, or having a hard time staying focused. Just because these cognitive difficulties are common doesn’t mean you have to put up with them without a fight.

You can sharpen your mind by solving crossword puzzles, playing brain games, and reading. To stay on top of things, set clear goals, break them into smaller chunks, and – using an agenda – steadily work towards getting them done. If you have some spare time, take an online class and learn something new.

Nourish Your Spirit

While it may be hard to see it as such when you’re dragged down by discomforts, menopause can be a great time to connect with your spiritual side and give your experiences a deeper meaning. After all, the midlife transition is when our roles and purpose in life go through a transformation, whether we’re conscious of it or not.

Depending on your personal needs and beliefs, you can nurture your spirit by praying or meditating, grounding yourself out in nature, and practicing being more present. An inspirational book, an uplifting podcast, or a deep conversation with friends can also do wonders for boosting your sense of purpose and connectedness.


Menopause is a trying time for most women, but it doesn’t have to leave them feeling miserable. By gaining a more holistic approach to your own health, you’ll give your body, emotions, mind, and spirit what they need to stay strong and capable of withstanding the demands of the menopausal transition. So, get started today, grab a bottle of Macafem, and off you go creating the new, menopausal you.

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