October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

breast cancer awareness month
Did you know that every 19 seconds someone is diagnosed with breast cancer? And every 74 seconds, someone in the world dies from it?  These are not just statistics, but mothers, daughters, sisters, and friends.
detect and treat breast cancer early
By being informed and proactive, about 98% of women who detect and treat breast cancer early experience positive results.  Of those 98%, there is at least a 5-year survival rate with little to no evidence of the cancer after proper treatment.  This October, share your knowledge with your loved ones so that they won’t become a statistic.
get informed about breast cancer october
Get informed with new research and information constantly being shared on the web.  Visit websites like The National Breast Cancer Organization or the Breast Cancer Research Foundation to receive up to date information and spread the word.
spread the word cancer awareness month
Make sure your daughter knows about self-breast exams, encourage your friends to get a yearly mammogram, urge your loved ones to go for their regular checkup once a year, and last but not least, make time for yourself to schedule an appointment with your doctor.  These are all simple ways you can help your family, friends, and yourself to detect breast cancer at an early stage.
early detection of breast cancer is the best protection
From the Macafem community, we want you to know that you can make a difference in the fight against breast cancer.Remember, early detection is our best protection.

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