Real Women Talk: Macafem Reviews from 2013

Macafem has helped thousands of women to regain their quality of life during menopause, improve their health, and rebalance their hormones. Menopause is a very personal experience, as it can bring about many different symptoms, with vastly varying degrees of intensity. Women use Macafem for the full range of menopause complaints, from hot flashes to uncommon pains. These Macafem reviews from 2013 are sorted by symptom for ease of browsing, though some may touch on several symptoms.

macafem reviews 2013

Hot Flashes

Possibly the most easily-recognizable of all menopause symptoms, hot flashes and night sweats can easily add extra stress on top of daily errands, or even interrupt sleep.

Kaz – Australia – September, 2013

I am 42 and the increasing frequency of night sweats made sleeping uncomfortable and disrupted. Like many of the other women, I thought why not just give it a go?

Chris – USA – April 2013 – 5-Star

Within a week I noticed that the number of hot flashes had decreased and in just a couple weeks I was not getting any hot flashes.

Mood Swings and Depression

Menopause can also take a toll with your emotions and affect you and those around you with hard-to-control mood swings, pervasive depression, and even sleep disorders.

Patricia – USA – September 2013 – 5-Star

Best product out there. It has leveled my moods and I feel like me again.

Sharon – Canada – August, 2013 – 4-Star

I feel clear headed with more energy.  I am increasing to 2 Macafem now and hoping the sleep will improve as well.

Less Common Aches and Pains

There are many other symptoms of menopause that don’t get as much attention, and so they can be confusing or even scary. Constant breast pain or an irregular heartbeat are among the most disruptive of these:

Peggy – USA – February, 2013

Not only did I have pain in my ovaries, but the pain in my breasts was unbearable. Within just a couple of days of taking your product for the first time, I felt so much better.

Kathleen – USA – December, 2013

I am 52 and had been suffering with heart palpitations and dizziness so bad I was afraid to go anywhere. A couple of times my husband and I had to leave what we were doing and go straight home so I could lay down. […]Within the first week of taking Macafem, I started feeling so much better.

Intimacy Issues

At other times, menopause may lead to embarrassing or intimate problems that are harder to share with acquaintances, like body odor or loss of libido:

Helen – United Kingdom – December, 2013

Macafem has really saved my quality of life (and my relationship) I think it’s a miracle!! […]Day 14 I started to get normal sexual urges and normal vaginal lubricant.

Margaret – USA – December, 2013

I began having a very strong body odor 6 months ago. I tried 10 different soaps, 12 different deodorants along with different supplements and foods. […] Within inside of 2-3 weeks the odor began to subside, by taking 3 pills a day. I am now upping the dose to 4 per day, to see if I can be odor free for good. Thank you so much for this product!

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