Guide to Protect You against Hair Loss

Hair loss can be caused by a myriad of potential factors in one’s lifetime. However, around age 50, noticeable thinning of scalp hair occurs in about half of women. The onset of menopause brings inconsistent fluctuations in the hair growth-promoting hormone estrogen and testosterone, which triggers healthy shedding to encourage new growth.

While instilling proper self-care may bring about short-term relief, taking natural supplements such as Macafem will help solve the root cause of hair loss, hormonal imbalance. Here are some guidelines to live by to help grow thicker, luscious hair that stays on your scalp for longer periods of times.

macafem guide to protect you against hair loss

Conscientious Self-Maintenance

It is normal to shed around 100 – 150 strands daily, but having healthy locks begins with healthful habits to make sure you’re not further damaging your hair. For everyday care, gently dry wet hair by squeezing it with a towel; avoid vigorously tugging, as this will break hair roots. Also, remember to avoid extensive use of styling irons and hair dyes, which have high ammonia contents, and avoid wearing hair in overly tight buns. All prior practices reduce hair strength, making strands more likely to break halfway and fall out when brushing.

Moreover, be sure to trim off an inch of your hair every six to eight weeks to stimulate growth, and always use head protection when outside in intense UV rays or heavy smog as well as in chlorinated pools.

Proper Body Alimentation

 Strong hair not only involves self-maintenance, but it also requires you to provide your body with the best foods to aid hair growth. The main nutrients involved in hair growth are zinc, calcium, biotin, and the B-complex vitamins (especially B6 and B9). They can be found in leafy greens, lentils, lean meats, and egg whites among others.

Vitamin C is also important as it will help boost production of collagen and keratin, the main building blocks for hair. Fresh fruits; dark, leafy vegetables; and bell peppers are just a few options to fulfill the daily vitamin C recommendation. Furthermore, stay properly hydrated with at least 8 to 10 glasses of water a day to keep hair follicles hydrated and from becoming dry and brittle.

 Macafem for Hair Loss

 Macafem nurtures the endocrine system to halt and reverse hair loss by balancing estrogen and testosterone levels. Macafem ingredients include a blend of vitamins, such as calcium and vitamin C, as well as minerals and healthy alkaloids to cease shedding and promote hair regrowth, while at the same time soothing other menopausal symptoms.

With a combination of maintaining proper self-care, consuming the appropriate nutrients, and taking Macafem to counteract the hormonal imbalance, there are a variety of options to instill to prevent or alter patterns of hair loss. No one method works best as each woman’s body is unique in terms of its susceptibility to different techniques. While conscientious maintenance and proper food consumption may bring short-term results, counteracting the hormonal imbalance of estrogen and testosterone in addition will bring about long-term success.

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