How to Stop Weight Gain during Menopause

Despite a strict exercise routine and diet, the pounds just keep packing on, especially in the abdominal section. Unfortunately, the midlife spread is no stranger to many women who are reading this blog here today. However, there are ways to go about tackling it for best results.

Find out how to stop weight gain during menopause so that you can transition into your twilight years feeling light and at ease in your own skin.

how to stop weight gain during menopause

Change your eating habits

When it comes to dieting, all middle-aged women have heard about the typical advice: smaller portion sizes, proper hydration, and a balanced plate.

However, a little-known secret that could help take your dieting for weight loss during menopause to the next level is to start your meal with veggies and protein before continuing to the starch.

This has been scientifically proven to keep insulin and blood sugar levels low, helping you feel satiated for longer. Bon appétit!

Adjust your exercise routine

If your old workout regimen just isn’t cutting it for you anymore, it may be time to make some adjustments.

An effective menopause exercise routine should combine aerobic exercise, strength training, stretching, and stability routines to not only reduce body fat and strengthen muscles, but also improve flexibility, boost mood, and reduce stress, among other benefits.

Recommendations are to participate in 150 minutes of moderate or 75 minutes of vigorous aerobic activity on a weekly basis. Moderate-level activities can include brisk walking, dancing, and riding a bike, while vigorous would be jogging, running, walking up stairs, or practicing a sport.

Strive for beauty sleep

Night sweats, anxiety, insomnia, and more menopause symptoms can disrupt a woman’s much needed shut-eye, right when she needs it most.

Not only is getting enough sleep essential for optimal functioning the next day, but studies have also found that lack of sleep can lead to weight gain over time because it causes an imbalance in hunger hormones.

Some tips for improving sleep quality include keeping the bedroom cool; using moisture-wicking bed sheets; avoiding spicy foods, caffeine, and alcohol right before going to bed; and switching off all blue light-emitting devices two to three hours before bed.

Treat the underlying cause with Macafem

One’s efforts to lose weight while transitioning out of fertile years can easily be undermined if the underlying cause is not addressed, which is hormonal imbalance. This is where Macafem steps in.

Macafem and weight loss go hand in hand. This all-natural supplement nourishes the endocrine glands and encourages them to produce more of their own hormones, thus counteracting an imbalance provoking various menopause symptoms, from weight gain and fatigue to hot flashes, mood swings, and more.

You don’t have to let these years slip by watching the weight pile on pound by pound and year after year. By using our aforementioned tips alongside a bottle of Macafem, stopping weight gain during menopause is possible for a healthier, happier you!

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