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June 1, 2015

Breast Pain, Energy Levels, Hot Flashes, Night Sweats

I’ve never written a testimonial for any product before, but this product has changed my life and I felt I needed to let other women know, to hopefully alleviate them from the menopausal symptoms I was going through. Macafem has eliminated the hot flushes and night sweats I was experiencing. I was also experiencing some light headedness, sore breasts, and felt like I was going crazy. I was considering HRT, but thought I would give Macafem a try as I didn’t want to go down the HRT path. I had tried other natural products with minimal success, so I was skeptical. After about 5 days on Macafem the hot flushes and night sweats disappeared and I have more energy than I did for a long time. I accidentally ran out of Macafem, and while I was waiting for my new supply, my symptoms all returned. Now I’m scared to be without it. Worked for me, and I’m actually not worried about menopause any more.

May 22, 2015

Hot Flashes, Night Sweats

Perhaps I am premature with my praise of Macafem, but I am ecstatic that I have had two nights sleep in a row with no night sweats! I am a 66yo woman who on HRT for over 20 years. I found out the hard way that HRT simply delayed the inevitable. I have literally spent hundreds of dollars on products touting relief from hot flashes and night sweats. I thought Macafem would end up collecting dust as all other products have done. Not so! For me, I started noticing a difference within a week! There is no doubt my body is reacting favorably to Macafem! I know there are many, many of you out there who have been searching as I have. I would highly recommend you give this product a try!

April 23, 2015

Anxiety, Breast Pain, Energy Levels, Hot Flashes, Mood Swings, Night Sweats

I’m 46 years old and the last few years my PMS has been HORRIBLE! I was having night sweats, hot flashes, breast soreness, tired all the time and the worst was my mood swings. I would feel happy one minute and the next feel so much anger. My anxiety level was to the roof. I came across this product by accident online and started reading all the testimonies. I decided to give it a try. I’ve been taking the Macafem for a little over a month and I have noticed a change for the better, my husband has too. My symptoms are not completely gone but things are much better and I feel so much better. I just ordered another bottle. I had no side effects at all. My energy level is up! I would recommend anyone to at least try it.

April 20, 2015

Energy Levels, Irregular Periods, Skin Problems

I had a lot of doubts, but Macafem is absolutely amazing and I am shocked at my great results. I have been taking it for almost 2 months and seeing tremendous results. My skin is clearing up, I have energy, my cycle is regulating and it’s even lightening the dark marks I had from acne scars.

This product is truly one of a kind. I am a client for life. It really does work!! I have even recommended it to other people.

April 5, 2015

Energy Levels, Fatigue, Hot Flashes, Night Sweats

I am 48 years old & have had menopause symptoms on & off for the past 3 years. I have had horrible hot flashes & terrible night sweats. I would wake up freezing cold & shivering & then achy from the hot/cold. My sleep was nonexistent because of the night sweats. I literally could not function during the day anymore. I was beyond exhausted & at my wits end. I saw Macafem advertised & thought it sounded like a product I should try. I have a family history of breast cancer & don’t want to go on hormone therapy & tried sage & black cohosh, which didn’t help. I tried an over the counter product for menopause symptoms which didn’t help. I honestly thought I had nothing to lose in trying Macafem. I ordered Macafem & started taking it. It took probably 3-4 weeks for it to take its’ full effect for me, but the night sweats & hot flashes are gone. I am very fortunate & am on no prescription medication, so wasn’t concerned about it counteracting with any other medication. This product gave me my quality of life back. Before taking Macafem & while going through horrible hot flashes & night sweats,, my husband told me that menopause had taken the spark out of my life. Thanks Macafem for giving me back my spark!

April 1, 2015

Hot Flashes, Night Sweats

I just started taking (3) pills on 3/27/15 and within two days literally, hot flashes are gone!
I did however, have what I call two quick little warming moments, but no sweating and no real heat feeling like a hot flash and as quickly as they came, they went! Then on the night of the second night, I realized that I did not wake up with the night sweats and when I woke up on the third morning, the bed was dry as a bone and so were my clothes!
On the fourth day, I bumped it up to (4) pills a day just to see if the warming moments would disappear too. Because even though they were a split second warming moment, I just wanted to make sure it would not turn into a hot flash. I wanted to be sure there would be nothing.
Today is the 5th day and I am pleased to say that I have not had one hot flash, nor any night sweats and no warming moments or the chills either! Yippie!!!
I truly feel it is a miracle pill. I had been taking Amberen prior to this and still had the hot flashes and especially extra soaked wet night sweats and uncontrollable chills. I was on it for two months and felt no difference at all after all that time. I saw this website and I’m so glad I tried one more thing and the last thing and it’s called Macafem!
Thank you for giving me my life back! I just ordered (3) more bottles so I would not be out of them. It would be great if they offered an auto delivery system like some other places do and I would never have to be out of it then. It would just come. And maybe it would be even cheaper like when buying more than one bottle on here. But I get other supplements like that, it’s a great thing.

March 10, 2015

Loss of Libido, Night Sweats, Sleep Disorders

I’m 44 and in perimenopause. Night sweats around my cycle, trouble sleeping, constantly feel like I’m on the verge of a yeast infection or UTI. I’ve tried just about every supplement on the market – with minimal results. I’ve been on Macafem for three weeks and it is working. The first 2-3 days I did have some stomach discomfort, not bad, just uncomfortable. I would recommend taking only 2 the first couple of days, one at breakfast and one at lunch. (I took two in a.m. and one at lunch the first day… had to back off the second day) Like in another testimonial, I had really vivid dreams the first week or so, not bad dreams – just vivid…but that’s tapered off and I am sleeping much better. My constant feeling of an impending YI or UTI has diminished to almost nothing. I also suffer from IBS and in the last week have been regular for the first time in years. That in itself is enough reason to celebrate! Libido, and sex, are more enjoyable for me too. I’ve already ordered another bottle and am keeping one at work and one at home so I don’t get caught without. I still take 2 in the a.m. and 1 at lunch. I highly recommend this product – just start out slow and give it 2-3 weeks for significant results.

January 31, 2015

Hot Flashes, Irregular Heartbeat, Loss of Libido, Vaginal Dryness

This product is amazing! I was having a 5-8 hot flashes per day, diminished libido, irregular heartbeat, vaginal dryness… I changed my diet cutting back on caffeine etc. Although this minimized the hot flashes a little, it did not take care of any of the other symptoms. I ordered only one bottle because I didn’t want to end up with a lot of product that didn’t work. I started taking Macafem- I took two the first day and then increased to three. It only took about 5 days and my hot flashes stopped completely. After several weeks my body was back to normal in ALL the things I mentioned!! I just ordered 3 more bottles!!! Love it!!

December 6, 2014

Anxiety, Blood Pressure, Hot Flashes, Night Sweats

I am so happy and amazed with this product. My hot flashes and night sweats are almost nonexistent. My blood pressure has gone down to normal, I am less anxious and I feel a lot calmer these days. I have been taking Macafem for 3 months. Thanks for this product!

December 2, 2014

Bloating, Itchy Skin, Mood Swings, Night Sweats

I have been suffering for about 4 years with chronic itching due to hormone issues. I have tried so many different things, including diet changes. Nothing worked. I felt like I was losing my mind! My husband found Macafem and although I was skeptical, I was also hopeful. It really works! I had other symptoms that have also been helped…mood swings, night sweats, bloating.
I am a happy person again! I am so grateful for this product!

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