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December 2, 2014

Hot Flashes, Loss of Libido, Mood Swings

After enduring the last 12 months of hot flushes, the most intense mood swings and complete loss of libido and having tried countless of tablets, drinks, teas and acupuncture – I was at my wits end. I didn’t like the erratic, shreaking person I had become and I hated the fact that my husband was now living with Linda Blair – so I decided to really Google and research some more – I stumbled upon Macafem and couldn’t believe the reviews I was reading! I sent the link to my GP and she couldn’t fault it, so I decided to purchase immediately. I should also mention here, I suffer from Hashimotos Disease (under-active thyroid), and the fact it says it can help with metabolism and the hormone glands, this also resonated well with me. After 9 days I was feeling happier within myself – I was laughing and smiling and not flying off the handle when my husband and I had a tiff. I had been miserable and suffering some pretty black moods, so this was a relief. It’s now been just shy of 30 days and I’m sold. I’m even exercising willingly (never had the energy or desire); and although I’m not quite chasing my husband around the garden – I’m certainly more touchy feely with him and just waiting for everything to crank into action again. I’ve just ordered 5 bottles as I don’t ever want to miss a day or run out – so I’m keeping the cupboard well stocked. I’ve told other friends who are just starting peri-menopause about these tablets too. They are a winner – I call them My Happy Pills!

November 23, 2014

Depression, Night Sweats

I am here to write another testimony! Once again I can honestly say how Macafem has made me feel like myself again before all the horrible night sweats and general feeling of sadness! I would NOT consider ever using another product! I know that after four years of using this product on and off it is the only herbal supplement that I trust and that works! I just ordered another bottle! Thanks again to Macafem and I am grateful it is available!

October 31, 2014

Anxiety, Breast Pain, Fatigue, Night Sweats, Weight Gain

I’m 52 and in the middle of menopause. I started taking Macafem because the supplement I’ve been taking for hormone balance simply stopped working and I did not want to resort to HRT.
But, I was wiped out (exhausted in ways that I don´t ever remember feeling before), my weight was going up and down by 4 to 6 pounds without any provocation, my breasts were almost as sore as if I were pregnant and I was having mild middle of the night anxiety attacks that were baseless. So, after doing some research, I landed on Macafem. I’ve been taking it for nearly two months (3 pills in the morning) and since taking it my body is back to normal no nighttime anxiety, my breasts are comfortable, my weight is stabilized (at my normal lower weight) and I feel really really good. I highly recommend it!

October 7, 2014

Breast Pain, Night Sweats

After going through night sweats, I started my internet investigation and found Macafem. I read through just about all of the testimonials and thought that it was truly worth a go. I sent my order through in late July so started taking the tablet in early August.
I started with a dosage of 2 in the morning and one with lunch, I continued with this for approx 6 weeks, and have to honestly say that the only difference that I felt Macafem made was that my breasts were no longer tender, as before they were just to sore, that even the water from the shower would hurt.
So feeling a little disappointed with Macafem I did some more research and decided to increase my dosage to 2 in the morning and 2 with lunch. After 2 weeks I began noticing that my night sweats were just about negligable. So now after 3 weeks, I have none at all. I had hesitated to make a comment on Macafem because I was disappointed with the outcome, however after the increase in dosage I have now seen the benefits. One side effect with Macafem is…flatulance, a little embarrassed to say, but thought a mention, and this only happened when I increased the dosage. The other benefits of Macafem are too many to mention, so do your reading ladies and enjoy the natural, healthier outcome.

September 14, 2014

Hot Flashes, Night Sweats, Vaginal Dryness

I’m 48-y/o and I’ve been using Macafem for the last 6-months. I began having premenopausal 6-mo/ago and was clueless as to what was going on with my body. I was experiencing sudden hot flashes as though I had a hot lamp beaming down on my head, my vagina was no longer excreting natural moisture ( I didn’t know or understand why). Until my doctor told me that I was experiencing the beginning stage symptoms of menopause and since I had a hysterectomy in my early 40s it triggered an early onset of menopause. When I received this news, I went home and cried. I thought my life was over; I believed that I was getting old. Honestly, I thought menopause didn’t start until the age of 60. Daily I was miserable; at night my sleep was constantly being interrupted by awakening in night sweats, and parched (thirsty). I tried everything to keep cool, but nothing relieved the sudden hot flashes. I had to keep a water bottle w/ ice by my bed. Using Macafem has helped greatly. Within 2-weeks of using this product, I began seeing a change in my hot flashes and night sweats. My hot flashes went from “all day, thru/out the day” to 1x a day, if that. I no longer awaken by night sweats. Thank The Lord I have relief and it’s NATURAL!!!!

August 16, 2014

Hot Flashes, Mood Swings, Night Sweats

I started taking Macafem on the recommendation of my sister about a year ago (only one a day and occasionally). About 4 months ago I began having hot flashes and night sweats. Increased my dose to 3 per day and to my amazement both symptoms were completely gone within about 3 weeks! I have also noticed an improvement in my mood and general outlook. Thank you!!!

August 2, 2014

Depression, Energy Levels

I have been on Macafem for probably 4-5 months now. The very first week I noticed a big change. All my life I’ve had depression problems, I would be sad and not know why. Since being on Macafem I’m a lot happier, I have more energy, and the hubby is happier to lol. I can’t believe how much this has helped. Macafem has truly changed my life and I am forever grateful.

July 30, 2014

Brain Fog, Depression, Energy Levels, Fatigue, Hot Flashes, Joint Pain

I was slightly skeptical but was desperately looking for something to alleviate my menopausal symptoms: hot flashes, depression, mind cloudiness, fatigue, aches and pains. The first two days on Macafem I noticed no difference except that I had vivid dreams. (Not unpleasant). I have now been taking them for two weeks, having upped the dosage I started on from 2 to 4 pills a day. In two weeks my depression symptoms are almost non-existent, I have way more energy, my hot flashes are hardly noticeable if I even get them, I am not having body aches anymore and my mental clarity is about 75% better. I cannot say enough about this product and I will be ordering more.

July 18, 2014

Energy Levels, Hot Flashes, Night Sweats, Sleep Disorders

My girlfriend recommended Macafem. I was having terrible night sweats and wasn’t sleeping because of it. My energy level was down to minimum. I started taking this product and the night sweats are gone and my energy level has improved greatly. I am still getting hot flashes, but that I can deal with. I have already recommended your product to several people I know. I’m back for my next three month purchase.

July 14, 2014

Hot Flashes, Mood Swings, Weight Gain

Almost two years after having a hysterectomy, leaving the ovaries, I found myself knee deep in menopause at age 36. Hot flashes, mood swings, almost 10 pounds of weight gain in 6 months! ACK! My doctor suggested just dealing with the symptoms, and if they got worse, to come back for synthetic hormones. I’m a natural girl; didn’t want that so I searched for natural menopause help. Came across Macafem and have used for almost 30 days. WHOO HOO!! Very few hot flashes, lost 3 solid pounds, the mood swings are almost gone. I can’t believe how this product has helped me. I just ordered 3 more bottles; taking 3 caps every morning and hoping in 3 months can decrease to 2. Amazing product! If you experience ANY symptoms of menopause, don’t think twice about ordering one bottle of Macafem – it may just change your life, and You are WORTH it! Thank you Macafem!

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