Why Do You Have Hot Flashes?

Hot flashes are the most commonly reported symptom during the menopause transition (from peri- to postmenopause); it’s estimated that 75 – 85% of American women will experience them.

The hormone estrogen has a direct effect on the hypothalamus, the part of the brain responsible for controlling body temperature. As women transition towards menopause, lower estrogen levels make the hypothalamus inaccurately sense that the body is overheating. This sets off an internal chain reaction as the body tries to cool down, which women experience as “hot flashes.”


How Can Macafem Help Relieve Hot Flashes?

Macafem is rich in nutrients that support the hormonal system. It contains essential vitamins and minerals, in addition to beneficial alkaloids shown to naturally nourish and stimulate the hormonal glands.

In this way, Macafem can balance the hormonal system and relieve hot flashes as well as other menopause symptoms. Watch the video! >

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Macafem is a 100% natural supplement made from the highest-possible quality ingredients and under the most rigorous industry standards. We strive towards excellence during each and every stage of production, from carefully-controlled cultivation to comprehensive customer support.

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Our customers’ experiences can help other women learn about Macafem. Let their experience help you and start improving your life!

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Macafem Testimonial from Colleen

February 22, 2022 5-Star

Pleasantly & happily surprised with Macafem. I've bought every supplement available out there with little to no change in my symptoms. I originally opted for one month of Macafem expecting the same non results but Macafem is definitely different and it is providing me actual relief. I take two pills daily, 1 in the morning and 1 in the evening and although I still have irritating menopause symptoms, the Macafem has

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Macafem Testimonial from Rosa

August 4, 2020 5-Star

I thank God for this product it really help me a lot. Anyone have mood swings or even hot flashes this product is for you. Believe me you will not be disappointed when you order Macafem.
Macafem Testimonial from Bonnie

April 15, 2019 5-Star

WORKS!!! I went from 12 hot flashes per day to zero! This is the first time I have ever left a review for a product. I tell all my friends - they are starting to be suspicious that I secretly work for the company which I do NOT! hahaha
Macafem Testimonial from Renee

April 3, 2019 5-Star

Not only are my hot flashes nearly nonexistent, but my doctor has decreased the amount of thyroid medication I am taking due to the benefits of Macafem. I am very happy with this product. I have been using Macafem for approximately 6-8 months. Rennee, TX

Read all reviews - Over 500 sincere reviews by women who relieved their menopause symptoms thanks to Macafem.

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