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September 18, 2013

Energy Levels, Hot Flashes, Loss of Libido, Mood Swings, Night Sweats, Weight Gain

AMAZING – the only way to describe Macafm!!!!! Thank you more than I can say for such a life changing product! I have been taking Macafem for 2 years now – it works so well that after having taken it for the first 6 months I thought that I was done with menopause and stopped – HUGE mistake – I wasn’t done the Macafem was just that great! Got back on it ASAP & what a difference. No hot flashes – No night sweats – Big change in libido & mood swings & energy & i even lost weight! I tell everyone who will listen to me about this product that has saved me from menopause hell!!!! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!!!

September 10, 2013

Hot Flashes, Loss of Libido, Mood Swings, Night Sweats

I’ve been using Macafem for over 2 years. I am 58 years old, deep into menopause with hot flashes, night sweats, bitchiness, loss of libido etc. Macafem gave me back my life! My libido returned within 2 weeks. My hot flashes & night sweats have been reduced by 90%. I can’t buy Macafem in Canada & I tried to go without it but I was miserable and so was everyone around me. I gotta have it!!!

September 5, 2013

Night Sweats

This testimonial is to allay the concerns of any sceptics reading this site – which I certainly was until I tried this product. I am 42 and the increasing frequency of night sweats made sleeping uncomfortable and disrupted. Like many of the other women, I thought why not just give it a go? I cautiously ordered one bottle and have taken 2 tablets a day for the past 3 weeks, and I’ve been able to sleep comfortably through the night for the first time in months. All I can say is that the proof is in the results. Thank you so much!

August 20, 2013 4-Star

Brain Fog, Energy Levels, Night Sweats

I have just started Macafem a few weeks ago.  My major premenopausal symptoms was waking up with night sweats so badly that my clothes and bed sheets were drenched.  Within the first two days of taking Macafem the night sweats have stopped completely and I have not experienced any since starting.  I feel clear headed with more energy.  I am increasing to 2 Macafem now and hoping the sleep will improve as well.  Thank you Macafem.

July 9, 2013

Depression, Night Sweats

I have to say Thank you Lord for sending me to this product. I have only been taking it since July 3, 2013 but WOW. I feel so much better. No more night sweats, sleeping so soundly but the best part is the sadness and depression are gone. I feel like me again. My Dr. put me on antidepressant due to hormone changes after menopause. I hated them. I went searching and found your site. Oh I can’t say enough good things about this product. I am a real woman with post menopause and have tried several things but this WORKS. Thank you thank you.

July 4, 2013

Energy Levels, Hot Flashes, Night Sweats

I am 51 years old and post menopausal. I was dealing with severe hot flashes, night sweats and lack of energy. I’ve been using Macafem since June of 2012, and ran out about a month ago. I didnt really think about it until about 2 weeks without it all my symptoms returned with a vengence. Although unintentional, there couldn’t be a stronger testimonial than that for me. Have just ordered another 3 month supply and will ensure I don’t run out again! I am so grateful to have found this product

June 26, 2013

Hot Flashes, Joint Pain, Muscle Tension

I love Macafem. I am 49 years old and have been experiencing awful perimenopausal symptoms….hot flashes 24/7 and complete achiness in every muscle and joint. It was difficult to get up and just move. I felt much older than my age :( My doctor wanted to completely check me out, but I’ve been doing a lot of self-study and found your site. In just a couple of days, my hot flashes are almost non-existent as well as my achiness. I’ve been telling everyone about it – Thank you!!

June 11, 2013

A very good product ! I felt my health improve as soon as i started taking them..I have felt real good

June 5, 2013

Energy Levels, Mood Swings, Sleep Disorders

I’m 64, I have been on hormones– premarin, then biodenticals for 16 years. Id tried numerous times to get off them and failed due to extreme mood swings and sleep loss. Twelve days ago, I cut my hormones in half, and started Macafem. I am stunned by how good I feel! I’ve had a few emotional moments, but overall, I’m feeling better than I have in years! I wake up refreshed, with energy, and in a good mood. My husband is absolutely thrilled! I have told everybody about this product. What is even more amazing, before I started reducing hormones, I got off an anti-depressant that I’d been on for many years– so no more anti-depressant, reducing my hormones– I’m shocked I’m not totally crazy! However, thanks to Macafem, I feel great!!

April 24, 2013 5-Star

Hot Flashes

I was experiencing many hot flashes during the day and night making life miserable.  I read the other reviews on Macafem and decided to try it.  Within a week I noticed that the number of hot flashes had decreased and in just a couple weeks I was not getting any hot flashes.  I use the ‘regular’ dose of 3 tablets per day.  Thank you for Macafem – it has changed my life!

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