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Early Menopause Q&As

Early Menopause Q&As

What Age is Considered Early Menopause? Most women begin the menopausal transition (a phase called “perimenopause”) sometime between the ages of 45 and 55. The average age at which women reach menopause (that is, have their final periods) is 51. So, early menopause (…)

How You Pass Through Menopause Can Affect the Rest of Your Life

How You Pass Through Menopause Can Affect the Rest of Your Life

Your Heart Health Throughout women’s reproductive years, estrogen plays several key roles, one which is protecting against cardiovascular disease. After menopause, however, estrogen levels drop, causing women to face new, serious health risks. They’re often worsened by a more sedentary lifestyle, high cholesterol, (…)

7 Surprising Facts About Menopause

7 Surprising Facts About Menopause

Menopause Is Not Diagnosed with Clinical Tests Many middle-aged women are surprised that they aren’t prescribed tests to confirm they’re menopausal. Indeed, doctors usually determine their menopausal status based on age, experienced symptoms, and lack of periods. To make it more interesting, up (…)

My Period is Irregular - What’s Happening?

My Period is Irregular – What’s Happening?

Types of Menstrual Disorders Irregular periods may have several presentations and mean different things to different women. While there are general guidelines as to what’s considered a healthy menstrual cycle, a woman must also know what’s her norm, and use it as a (…)

how to have a more optimistic attitude towards menopause

How to Have a More Optimistic Attitude Towards Menopause

Do Thorough Research For many women, one of the scariest aspects of menopause is the uncertainty of what to expect. Unlike menstruation, it’s not something they go through on a regular basis. Learning more about menopause can have significant calming effects on the (…)

A Quick Guide to Getting Pregnant Faster

A Quick Guide to Getting Pregnant Faster

1. Optimize Your Health Your physical and emotional health is directly related to your ability to get pregnant. Preparing for pregnancy is a great opportunity to check in with yourself and identify areas that may need attention. Some of the most common red (…)

your skin health during menopause

Your Skin Health during Menopause

Common Skin Problems during Menopause Menopausal skin problems don’t affect all middle-aged women the same way. However, certain skin changes on the face are more common than others, including: Dryness Sagging Breakouts/acne Dark or brown spots Wrinkles Jowls Keep in mind that dermatological (…)

mindfulness for menopause does it work

Mindfulness for Menopause: Does It Work?

What Is Mindfulness? There are numerous definitions of mindfulness out there, but most narrow it down to being in the present moment, without swinging between the future and the past. In other words, mindfulness invites you to be fully aware of what’s happening (…)

working through menopause survival tips

Working through Menopause – 6 Survival Tips

Speak Up While most workplaces don’t have a well-established, menopause-friendly culture, its lack is not usually driven by bad intentions. In many cases, it doesn’t exist because the need for it has never been brought up. So, consider being your own advocate and (…)