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macafem clear brain fog

Clear Brain Fog: Join a Book Club and Try Macafem

1. It Keeps the Mind Active A book club offers new material for the brain to process with each turn of the page, which keeps the brain sharp even after reading. Additionally, lively discussions with other club members provide conversations and debates that (…)

macafem 4 seasoning herbs to relieve bloating

4 Seasoning Herbs to Relieve Bloating Alongside Macafem

1. Basil Basil is a tasty herb used in pesto and other Mediterranean dishes, making it an important part of the healthy diet of that region. In addition to being a carminative, basil also serves as a mild diuretic, helping to rid the (…)

macafem 4 extra moves to power up your fertility

4 Extra Moves to Power up Your Fertility with Macafem

1. Start a Calendar Most, if not all women, become familiar with the basics of their menstrual cycle as part of 8th grade health class. However, the classic “28-to-30-day-cycle” has many possible variations – you may have developed a different cycle throughout the (…)

macafem 4 quick facts about painful ovulation

4 Quick Facts about Painful Ovulation

1. It Is Medically Termed “Mittelschmerz” Pain during ovulation is referred to in the medical world as mittelschmerz, which comes from the German for “middle pain”. This is because it happens in the middle of the menstrual cycle, also lending it the name “midcycle (…)

macafem cover all your bases against menopausal body odor

Cover All Your Bases Against Menopausal Body Odor

1. Lack of Zinc Zinc is an essential mineral in the human diet, and therefore, a deficiency can cause many unwanted side effects, from acne breakouts to heightened body odor. It’s a good idea to review your diet to ensure you are getting (…)

macafem cover all your bases against menopausal body odor

5 Reasons Why You Should Develop Muscle Strength

1. Reverts Muscle Tension Muscle strengthening exercises work as a long-term antidote to muscle tension. Although it is common for muscle tension to follow a new routine or strenuous workout – especially if proper form or warm-up were not respected – regular strength (…)

top home remedies to relieve breast pain

Top Home Remedies to Relieve Breast Pain

1. Choose a Supportive Bra Many women don’t give a second thought to their bra size – even though the breasts can change, especially with age – and wearing the same set of bras becomes a habit. An old bra may need to (…)

macafem heart healthy choices mediterranean diet faqs

Heart Healthy Choices: Mediterranean Diet FAQs

What is the mediterranean diet? The Mediterranean diet began garnering popularity throughout the world during the 1990s and consists of the dietary traditions followed by Italy, Greece, and Spain, three of the countries surrounding the Mediterranean Sea. As opposed to the traditional Western (…)

macafem what to note in your period diary

What to Note in Your Period Diary

1. Frequency and Duration First, write down the day that your period starts – don’t forget to note the year as well. You can also add the time of day or the exact hour if you noticed the bleeding right away. Then, each (…)

4 macafem friendly anti dizziness home fixes

4 Macafem-Friendly Anti-Dizziness Home Fixes

1. Ginger Ginger is now mostly associated with Chinese foods, spicy meals, or restorative chicken broths, but this tangy Indian root hides many medicinal benefits, from anti-inflammatory to antioxidant. The best-supported one, however, is its anti-histaminic ability: it blocks the enzyme that directly (…)

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