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macafem tips against airplane dry eyes

Macafem’s Tips Against “Airplane” Dry Eyes

1. Get Extra Vitamin C First and foremost, plan ahead and increase your daily vitamin C intake a week before the trip. The human body cannot make vitamin C by itself, so it relies upon you eating foods that have high levels of (…)

tips for defeating allergies alongside macafem

Tips for Defeating Allergies Alongside Macafem

1. Check pollen count Checking the newspaper for the pollen count forecast may be a habit for long-time allergy sufferers, but for the new ones it may be the most impactful habit to implement. Fortunately, technology is your friend here: many weather apps (…)

reducing hot flashes with macafem

Reducing Hot Flashes with Macafem and More

Watch Out for Triggers When hormone levels are out of balance, some things can set off a hot flash episode. Each woman might have different triggers, but common ones include spicy foods, excessive caffeine intake, too many alcoholic drinks, high stress, and smoking. (…)

macafem bad pms find relief from pms symptoms

Bad PMS? Find Relief from PMS Symptoms

Since Macafem balances hormone levels, it’s a great choice to relieve bad PMS symptoms. Alongside this natural supplement, some home remedies can help you find PMS relief. Exercise Although it can be hard through the cramps and pains, regular physical activity is important (…)

macafem anxiety hormonal connection menopause

Anxiety: The Hormonal Connection during Menopause

Estrogen and Anxiety Many parts of the brain have estrogen receptors, showing estrogen’s wide effect on the brain. One of these influences is on serotonin, a neurotransmitter than regulates mood. When estrogen levels are out of balance during menopause, serotonin is also affected, (…)

menopause myths busted

Menopause Myths Busted

MYTH: Menopause is the end of a woman’s sex life FACT: Women can and do have active sex lives after menopause From hormonal imbalance to stressful life events, many factors influence a woman’s libido at any given moment. However, the changes that occur (…)

Macafem talk to your family about menopause transition

How to Talk to Your Family about the Menopause Transition

Talking to Your Partner Menopause symptoms often have numerous physical and emotional effects. Your partner may feel left in the dark if they don’t know much about what menopause entails. Since vaginal dryness and loss libido can have a significant on your relationship, (…)

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