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macafem heart healthy choices mediterranean diet faqs

Heart Healthy Choices: Mediterranean Diet FAQs

What is the mediterranean diet? The Mediterranean diet began garnering popularity throughout the world during the 1990s and consists of the dietary traditions followed by Italy, Greece, and Spain, three of the countries surrounding the Mediterranean Sea. As opposed to the traditional Western (…)

macafem what to note in your period diary

What to Note in Your Period Diary

1. Frequency and Duration First, write down the day that your period starts – don’t forget to note the year as well. You can also add the time of day or the exact hour if you noticed the bleeding right away. Then, each (…)

4 macafem friendly anti dizziness home fixes

4 Macafem-Friendly Anti-Dizziness Home Fixes

1. Ginger Ginger is now mostly associated with Chinese foods, spicy meals, or restorative chicken broths, but this tangy Indian root hides many medicinal benefits, from anti-inflammatory to antioxidant. The best-supported one, however, is its anti-histaminic ability: it blocks the enzyme that directly (…)

myths and facts on joint health

Myths and Facts on Joint Health

Joint pain is a common complaint that can worsen as you age. This article describes four commonly believed myths about the condition, such as heat relieving pain better than ice, and also provides the truth surrounding these myths. Debunking these myths can lead to better treatment and management of joint pain.

macafem 4 tips for treating vaginal dryness alongside macafem

4 Tips For Treating Vaginal Dryness Alongside Macafem

1. Water-Based Lube Vaginal dryness impacts more than just the vagina – it can also lower a woman’s self-confidence and libido. Applying a water-based lubricant before intercourse and instantly soothe pain and make the experience more comfortable. It doesn’t have to be just (…)

5 breathing exercises to banish irritability with macafem

Five Breathing Exercises To Banish Irritability With Macafem

1. Belly Breathing Normal breath cycles come from the chest. For these exercises, however, you should focus instead on letting your abdomen rise and fall, rising with an inhale through the nose and falling with an exhale. This practice is known to beat (…)

Perfect kindness acts without thinking kindness

Perfect kindness acts without thinking kindness

Every day, we follow our routine, but sometimes we don’t take note of the things and people surrounding us. When you’re working, at the gym, or shopping at the supermarket, take a minute to look around you – maybe there’s someone needing something (…)

The unexpected changes our lives forever

The Unexpected Changes our Lives Forever

Give yourselves a chance, ladies! An opportunity never knocks twice at our door, so don’t let it pass!  You don’t have to risk it all at once, but always think in a positive way and analyze the situation. “The expected is what keeps (…)