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October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Did you know that every 19 seconds someone is diagnosed with breast cancer? And every 74 seconds, someone in the world dies from it?  These are not just statistics, but mothers, daughters, sisters, and friends. By being informed and proactive, about 98% of (…)

macafem benefits side effects

Macafem Benefits and Side Effects

Macafem is a natural and efficient way to relieve the symptoms of menopause or other hormonal disorders. However, before you decide to take Macafem, it’s important to learn more about the minor and non-specific side effects it could have, as well as the full benefits it provides.

Joy is not in things; it is in us

Joy is not in things; it is in us

Remember, ladies: it’s important we realize that real happiness is not in material things. Sometimes, we believe that we need expensive gifts in our lives, but the truth is there is nothing more rewarding that the feelings you share with your loved ones. (…)

A healthy attitude is contagious

A healthy attitude is contagious

In our life, there is going to be good and bad days. But ladies, we shouldn’t let nothing bring us down. Start the day with a good thought and it will make the difference. Something as simple as smiling to others and be (…)

September is Menopause Awareness Month

September is Menopause Awareness Month

It’s time we join together and help other women like us with this stage in our lives.  September is National Menopause Awareness Month, the perfect time to share your stories, reviews, and experiences of this process. Around the world, many women suffer from (…)

macafem reviews 2013

Real Women Talk: Macafem Reviews from 2013

Hot Flashes Possibly the most easily-recognizable of all menopause symptoms, hot flashes and night sweats can easily add extra stress on top of daily errands, or even interrupt sleep. Kaz – Australia – September, 2013 I am 42 and the increasing frequency of (…)