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your skin health during menopause

Your Skin Health during Menopause

Common Skin Problems during Menopause Menopausal skin problems don’t affect all middle-aged women the same way. However, certain skin changes on the face are more common than others, including: Dryness Sagging Breakouts/acne Dark or brown spots Wrinkles Jowls Keep in mind that dermatological (…)

mindfulness for menopause does it work

Mindfulness for Menopause: Does It Work?

What Is Mindfulness? There are numerous definitions of mindfulness out there, but most narrow it down to being in the present moment, without swinging between the future and the past. In other words, mindfulness invites you to be fully aware of what’s happening (…)

working through menopause survival tips

Working through Menopause – 6 Survival Tips

Speak Up While most workplaces don’t have a well-established, menopause-friendly culture, its lack is not usually driven by bad intentions. In many cases, it doesn’t exist because the need for it has never been brought up. So, consider being your own advocate and (…)

macafem reviews 2021

Macafem Reviews 2021: See What the Hype Is About

It Took Macafem Only 5 Days to Tackle M.O.’s Symptoms M.O – Australia July 14, 2021 Anxiety, Brain Fog, Night Sweats After experiencing troubling side effects from GP prescribed HRT, like severe heart burn and spotting; I decided to give Macafem a try. (…)

menopause and weight gain your questions answered

Menopause and Weight Gain: Your Questions Answered

Q: Why Do Women Gain Weight in Menopause? Aging, fluctuating hormones, and lifestyle changes are the main reasons why middle-aged women gain weight. With age, lean body mass decreases, metabolism slows down, and physical activity tends to decline. On top of that, hormonal (…)

feeling unprepared for menopause let us help you

Feeling Unprepared for Menopause? Let Us Help You!

Doing Your Research Knowledge is power, especially when it comes to your health. Without understanding what menopause is biologically, it’ll be more challenging to deal with its consequences. Having the right information will also make you feel like you have a say about (…)

menopause awareness month take a chance on yourself

Menopause Awareness Month – Take a Chance on Yourself!

Give Your Body a Break Without a doubt, women’s bodies take on the majority of the menopausal punches. They get bombarded with sudden hot flashes in the day, woken up by sweats at night, restricted by vaginal dryness during intimacy, and stopped in (…)

how to stay yourself during-menopause best self care tips

How to Stay Yourself During Menopause – Best Self-Care Tips

Embrace the Unfamiliar While going through unfamiliar changes in your body may create initial resistance, try to approach them with more acceptance. Menopause will happen whether you’re ready for it or not. So, resist the urge to control the process and, instead, own (…)

Living with PMS & How Can Macafem Make Your Life Easier

Living with PMS & How Can Macafem Make Your Life Easier

How Do I Know It’s PMS? To order to have the incentive to start looking for adequate treatment, it’s important to realize that PMS is a menstrual disorder, not a normal part of menstruation. PMS causes mild to moderate physical and psychological symptoms, (…)

5 Best Summer Activities during Menopause

5 Best Summer Activities during Menopause

Swimming Swimming is arguably the best activity for menopause, especially in the summer. The cool water can keep your body feeling refreshed, while you still get your daily aerobic workout. Swimming is also light on joints, which might be achy during the transition. (…)