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hair loss sos your guide to stop it with macafem

Hair Loss SOS: Your guide to stop it with Macafem

Wash and dry your hair properly First things first, ladies. When washing your hair, gently massage shampoo into the scalp. As it rinses, let the shampoo flow through the length of your hair instead of vigorously rubbing it out. Always remember to use (…)

macafem alleviate pms symptoms with macafem healthy periods

Macafem Healthy Periods for Alleviating PMS Symptoms: FAQs

At What Age Can I Take Macafem Healthy Periods? Macafem Healthy Periods can be taken by menstruating women of any age. Usually, when women first start to notice that they are suffering from menstrual cycle abnormalities and discomforts, such as PMS symptoms, they (…)

macafem top menopause questions answered

Top Menopause Questions Answered

1. What is the average age of menopause? In the United States, the average age of menopause is 51. Remember that menopause is simply a date in which a woman has gone 12 consecutive months without a menstrual bleed. Any time before this (…)

macafem how to lose weight after menopause

How to Lose Weight after Menopause

Practice the right types of exercise The Department of Health and Human Services recommends women to perform moderate–intensity exercise for 150 minutes a week, generally spread out throughout the days. This can include brisk walking, swimming, or even mowing the lawn. (Yay to (…)

Electric shocks what is happening

Electric Shocks: What’s Happening to Me?

What is Happening? There are no scientific research studies that explain the exact science behind electric shock sensations in women who are passing through perimenopause. Nevertheless, electric shocks are most likely due to drastic hormonal fluctuations occurring as the ovaries wind down their (…)

macafem maximize your fertility with macafem conceiving

Maximize Your Fertility with Macafem Conceiving

Tips to Boost Fertility   Learn your cycle The menstrual cycle is guided by hormones. Estrogen dominates the first half in order to mature follicles containing eggs, while progesterone takes charge during the second half of the cycle to support the lining of (…)

macafem causes of vertigo during menopause

Causes of Vertigo during Menopause

The Most Probable Cause For women who are passing through the menopausal transition, the most probable cause of vertigo during this phase is hormonal imbalance. Research studies have proven that menopausal hormonal fluctuations increase the tendency of women to develop benign paroxysmal positional (…)

macafem new to menopause

New to Menopause?

About the Stages of Menopause Perimenopause Perimenopause – commonly and mistakenly referred to as menopause – is the first stage in the menopausal transition and is the time leading up to the last period. It usually starts in a woman’s mid to late (…)

menopause and joint pain the connection

Menopause and Joint Pain: The Connection

Why Do My Joints Hurt? Research has linked estrogen to the health of joints and joint tissues since its absence during postmenopause years leads to a higher presence of osteoarthritis. Menopause is a time characterized by drastic hormonal fluctuations of estrogen and another (…)

fight postmenopause symptoms with macafem

Fight Postmenopause Symptoms with Macafem

Optimizing your diet Because postmenopausal women are at a greater risk of heart disease, they are encouraged to alter their diet to focus more on low-fat, low-sugar, low-salt options. This will reduce the risk of heart attacks and atherosclerosis, a deadly artery-clogging condition. (…)