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how to stay yourself during-menopause best self care tips

How to Stay Yourself During Menopause – Best Self-Care Tips

Embrace the Unfamiliar While going through unfamiliar changes in your body may create initial resistance, try to approach them with more acceptance. Menopause will happen whether you’re ready for it or not. So, resist the urge to control the process and, instead, own (…)

Living with PMS & How Can Macafem Make Your Life Easier

Living with PMS & How Can Macafem Make Your Life Easier

How Do I Know It’s PMS? To order to have the incentive to start looking for adequate treatment, it’s important to realize that PMS is a menstrual disorder, not a normal part of menstruation. PMS causes mild to moderate physical and psychological symptoms, (…)

5 Best Summer Activities during Menopause

5 Best Summer Activities during Menopause

Swimming Swimming is arguably the best activity for menopause, especially in the summer. The cool water can keep your body feeling refreshed, while you still get your daily aerobic workout. Swimming is also light on joints, which might be achy during the transition. (…)

is it menopause or am i going crazy

Is it Menopause or Am I Going Crazy?

Mood Swings Abrupt and sudden mood swings are not novel for most women. After all, they are one of the most frequently experienced symptoms around monthly periods. Menopausal mood swings are thought to be caused by erratic hormonal shifts that affect the production (…)

Getting Pregnant during Perimenopause

Getting Pregnant during Perimenopause: What Are My Chances?

Let’s Start from the Basics: What Does It Mean to be Perimenopausal? Perimenopause covers the years before a woman’s final period, that is, menopause. It can last for over 10 years, although most women go through it for about four years. During this (…)

7 alternative ways to tackle menopause symptoms

7 Alternative Ways to Tackle Menopause Symptoms

Massage Therapy While getting a massage may seem more luxurious than therapeutic, it’s worth considering. Researchers from the Spanish University of Valencia put a group of menopausal women through weekly craniofacial massage sessions. After three weeks, women reported improvements in their emotional symptoms (…)

top macafem reviews 2020

Top 2020 Macafem Reviews: What Do Women Say About It?

Macafem is Highly Effective Whether it is fluctuating moods, torturous hot flashes, or severe insomnia, Macafem is known for its high effectiveness. By gently nourishing the endocrine glands, it balances hormone levels and alleviates common discomforts.   Rhonda – USA December 1, 2020 (…)

top foods to relieve joint pain

Top Foods to Relieve Joint Pain

Turmeric Several studies have recently shown that turmeric – more precisely, its active compound called curcumin – is beneficial for managing joint pain due to osteoarthritis. Interestingly, its pain-relieving, anti-inflammatory properties can be enjoyed when curcumin is taken orally as well as applied (…)

macafem stress free menopause holiday guide

Stress-Free Menopause Holiday Guide

1. Meal Prep Ahead Cooking and baking are some of the most time-consuming holiday chores. What makes them even more challenging for menopause women is the constant heat in the kitchen. To lend yourself a helping hand, browse through cookbooks or the internet (…)

premenopause vs perimenopause what's the difference

Premenopause vs. Perimenopause: What’s the Difference?

What’s Pre- and Perimenopause, and When do They Start? First things first, premenopause is the first stage in a woman’s reproductive life. For most, it begins at puberty and ends around mid-40s. Since these are the most fertile years, premenopause is the best (…)