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Am I Too Young to Reach Menopause

Am I Too Young to Reach Menopause?

Average Age of Menopause In the U.S., the average age at which a woman experiences menopause is 51. This is considered the day exactly one year from her last menstrual period. Before menopause happens, women experience a transitional stage known as perimenopause, which (…)

Only in the darkness can you see the stars

Only in the darkness can you see the stars

Here are some wise words to remember this Martin Luther King, Jr. Day: “Only in the darkness can you see the stars.” – Martin Luther King, Jr. For this Macafem motivational quote and more visit our Pinterest page!

top 5 most common menopause symptoms

Top 5 Most Common Menopause Symptoms

1. Hot Flashes Hot flashes are short-lived episodes of heat, sweating, and flushing that typically affect the face, neck, and upper body as the blood vessels expand. They can even lead to a rapid heartbeat and dizziness. This symptom is thought to affect (…)

macafem perimenopause and weight gain connection

How Menopause Affects Weight

How Hormonal Changes Affect Weight During perimenopause, the body’s levels of estrogen and other sex hormones fluctuate and decline as menstruation gradually draws to a close. Estrogen and testosterone are in part responsible for how fat is distributed throughout the body, so when (…)

macafem reviews blog

Macafem Reviews: Video Testimonials from Real Women

These three brave women sent in video testimonials to talk about their menopause experience and their results with Macafem, our all-natural herbal supplement. Inge experienced a plethora of menopause symptoms, including memory lapses, joint pain, mood swings, and weight fluctuation. “I am so (…)

Macafem Nutrients

Macafem Nutrients

Macafem Vitamins Macafem is an abundant source for the following vitamins: B1 (thiamine). This vitamin is present in all cells of the body, and is particularly important for neurological function. Severe thiamine deficiency can be lethal, but is nowadays extremely rare in industrialized (…)

macafem tips against airplane dry eyes

Macafem’s Tips Against “Airplane” Dry Eyes

1. Get Extra Vitamin C First and foremost, plan ahead and increase your daily vitamin C intake a week before the trip. The human body cannot make vitamin C by itself, so it relies upon you eating foods that have high levels of (…)

tips for defeating allergies alongside macafem

Tips for Defeating Allergies Alongside Macafem

1. Check pollen count Checking the newspaper for the pollen count forecast may be a habit for long-time allergy sufferers, but for the new ones it may be the most impactful habit to implement. Fortunately, technology is your friend here: many weather apps (…)

macafem menopause awareness month 2016

5 Facts to Know during Menopause Awareness Month

September is National Menopause Awareness Month. Great strides over the past decade or so have been made to lift the taboo that has hindered open discussion about menopause and its symptoms for many years. Take a few minutes this month to learn some (…)